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  1. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    How do you get firewire working? I have it enabled in the BIOS, but in system profiler under firewire it says the drivers for firewire are not loaded. Anyone know what kexts need to be loaded so that firewire works? Thanks.
  2. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Was hoping someone maybe able to help me. This is my setup with P5K-VM: SATA P1: DVD Burner (AHCI) SATA P2: Drive (Leopard/10.5.1 on first partition, AHCI) SATA P3: unused SATA P4: Drive (Vista) Using EasyBCE on the Vista drive dual boot is working. I want to use NeoGRUB and use dual boot from there with the ultimate goal being to boot with EFI so I can run the plain kernel. I was wondering if anyone is doing anything similar? I've been using neogrub manually (e.g. not using a menu.lst) and it sees hd(0,0) as an NTFS partition which means it thinks my Vista drive is hd(0,0). It doesnt seem to recognize any other partitions (hfs, etc.). Anyone know if GRUB is meant to see all the drives when AHCI mode is enabled?
  3. Thanks for the info. I ordered an EVGA FX5200 PCI 128MB video card. Couldn't find a PNY with a DVI head.Here's hoping it works. Thanks for the info. I ordered an EVGA FX5200 PCI 128MB video card. Couldn't find a PNY with a DVI head.Here's hoping it works.
  4. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Still getting nothing in Sys Prefs -> Sound -> devices. Just to confirm the P5K-VM uses a Realtek ALC883 codec correct? I seem to be getting nowhere with the sound codecs. I think I need to extract the original flat image and start again with just AppleHDA - ALCInject, and run the 0.4b patch, AppleHDA patcher, and add the device string. Is a BIOS update required on the mobo? I think there is a new one 0602, but I'm still on 0402. Just wondering if anyone has it working with 0402 bios. Also must I reboot everytime when working with the AppleHDA/ALCInject, or can I use kextcache/kextload/kextunload? Thanks.
  5. I originally posted this in the Leopard OSX86 Installation forum, but I now realized this was probably a more appropriate place. I am hoping someone could suggest what PCI (not express) video cards are supported with Leopard that can also support QE/CI. I am not concerned with CI as much as QE. I currently have an onboard Intel GMA X3100 (from an ASUS P5K-VM) and an EVGA 8600GT 512MB. I believe the GMA X3100 is supported by Leopard but my motherboard doesnt supply a DVI port. I was thinking of getting an adapter and trying it, but incase it doesn't work or has no support, I was wondering what cards maybe worth looking at for full support in OSX86. The ones I have in mind currently are the Geforce FX5200 and the Radeon 9250, which both have PCI variants. Anyone know if these work with EQ/CI? Or could someone please suggest further options. I'm not looking for something high-end that can play games or do intensive graphics work. I'm more interested in something reasonably affordable to get Quartz going. I can always dual boot into Vista if I want to play games (with my 8600gt). Thanks.
  6. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Can someone please provide the KEXTs for Leopard 10.5.0? I've tried the installation instructions, P5K-VM.zip and P5KVM-LEO.zip in this thread, and another zipfile (p5w-dh_sound_net_leopard.zip) that was floating around. None of these have worked. IF anyone can provide their KXTs it would be much appreciated. I assume if I've correctly setup audio it will show something when I look for built-in audio in the system profiler?