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  1. Guild Wars 2 Beta running in 10.6.8

    Sorry for the delay, but l did get some screen shots, on my Lion 10.7.3 Hackintosh and on my Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Performace was quite crappy on both machines but if the graphics are set to lowest it is playable. ATI graphics cards seem to have the most graphic error's in the game but Nvidia seem to display everything quite nicely. In the end l had to use my Win 7 install to get the most out of the beta. I managed to level an Elementalist to 14 but unfortunatly the beta ended before l got to try out any dungeons. PVP was quite fun and very chaotic. Below is some Lion Screen shots. And here are some in game shots from my Macbook Pro running full screen.
  2. Guild Wars 2 Beta running in 10.6.8

    Here is a screenshot of a wine bottle l created for this fridays Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend, showing the client working in 10.6.8. Will post some ingame shots nd also some performance details over the weekend. I will also test on Lion to see how it goes.
  3. Get your UVC webcam working as Apple iSight

    Hi guys, I saw this topic and thought l would give it a go with my cheap Genius Slim 1322 AF, and sure enough it works great. Its a shame that the camera has auto focus, because in dim light, it spends more time trying to focus than displaying a clear image. But the built in Mic works a treat in Photo Booth, MSN version 8.0 and Skype I thought l would post for those who either have this cam or just want to make a compatibility list. Product id for this camera is 28749 (0x704D) and Vendor id is 1112 (0x458).
  4. 4870 1GB Working Sleep/CI/QE/Resolution Change!

    I recently found out what was causing my fan speed on my Asus 4870 to decrease to a very slow speed which caused so many crashes due to over heating. Look threw you Kexts and tell me if you have Evoenabler.kext . Because l had Evoenabler.kext and LegacyATI4800Controller.kext. I removed Evoenabler and the fan speed went from about 20 ish percent to the firmware set default ( Which l edited to 100% ). Now no overheating issues and everything is perfect.
  5. ati 4870 with 10.6.4

    Attached are my 2 files: They will display 4870, just replace yours with mine and rebuild your caches with Kext Utility and reboot. ATIextrafiles.zip
  6. ati 4870 with 10.6.4

    I run both EvoEnabler.kext, and LegacyATI4800Controller.kext with Graphics Enabler set to Yes and lm using the vanilla 10.6.4 updated files no problems at all.
  7. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    First off l would like to say a big thank you to all who have been working on fixes for so many issues related to running OS X on a generic PC. I know it isn't related to Speedstep, but l don't know where to find the right knowledgeable people in relation to hardware issues. Many people use Nvidia graphics cards due to there ease of getting them working in OS X, l on the other hand decided to buy ATI, and got 2 x ATI Asus EAH4870 1G Videocards in crossfire for windows and at least use one in OS X, which l got working in l shorter amount of time with help from the forums. My issue is this, the card runs perfectly with no major downsides, but when booting into OS X the fan on the graphics card starts at 100% which is fine, but once the desktop appears it decreases the speed to around 40%. When running anything like HL2, or COD 4 the speed doesn't increase with graphics load and the card overheats. Is there anything l can do either with a modification to the DSDT or maybe a patch to the Graphics Enabler that can fix it so OS X power management doesn't reduce the fan speed down. I have flashed the firmware on the card to force it to stay at 100% but even then OS X always resorts back to decreasing the fan speed back to 40% on boot. Im going stir crazy because lv'e tried everything l could find and maybe you guys might have an idea that l haven't thought of. Bios version is F12 - and system details are in my signature.
  8. Asus EAH4870 Overheating issue

    BUMP Recently l even modified the firmware on my 4870's to increase the fan speed to run at max, but even with that, as soon as Mac OS X starts to boot it drops it back to 40% ish and as soon as l run any game it overheats after about 10 mins and freezes the system. Any ideas or help in anyway would be awsome
  9. ATI Radeon 10.6.3 Hotfix ( Included in Settlers 7 )

    So for those of you who downloaded it, l would love to know if it helped anyone fix any issues. Please post a reply on if it worked for you or not
  10. ATI Radeon 10.6.3 Hotfix ( Included in Settlers 7 )

    From my understanding this is a patch for the current released / Supported Radeon cards Apple use in there product range. So if your card is one of those cards or one people have got working in 10.6.3 then this will work for you. I myself didn't have to add any device id to it, because my current card's device id was already in it by default.
  11. I myself am running a 4870 card in my hackintosh, and when l got Settlers 7 it had this included in the package. I did have some issues with the graphics producing some artifacts when playing video streams. I bit the bullet and installed this patch and the artifacts where reduced to almost zero and frame rates in all games where increased. This is an official update from ATI and it may help alot of you guys as well. The application itself updates the ATIRadeonX2000GLDriver in your /System/Library/Extensions/ From the information l have read about this update, is that it will be included in the 10.6.4 update from apple eventually. Readme in the application is as follows: ATI RADEON 10.6.3 HotFix Update Installer Restart required after installation. This software requires Mac OS X 10.6.3 Earlier Mac OS X versions are not supported by this installer. Please ensure your system is updated to the latest available BootRom and SMC. Copyright © AMD Inc. ATI, AMD and RADEON are trademarks of AMD Inc. All other company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers. AMD Inc. 1 Commerce Valley Drive East, Markham, Ontario Canada L3T 7X6 Disclaimer While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this software, AMD Inc. assumes no liability to any party for errors or omissions contained in the Software or related documentation, any interruption of service, loss or interruption of business or anticipatory profits or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of the Software and related documentation. AMD Inc. reserves the right to make changes without notice. Link below: http://rapidshare.com/files/390167776/ATI_...HotFix.zip.html Fixed the download link. No Download limit set.
  12. ATI 5870/4850/4870/4890 Users for Benchmark WANTED

    Here is what l got with my Hackintosh Q6600, 4G Gskill, P35-DS3P and ASUS 4870:
  13. Steam For OS X a reality?

    Its the vista background with the broken screen and the Mac OS X screen protruding.
  14. Steam For OS X a reality?

    Today to my shock, using the beta client l got of a Mac application website, l find today l can install both Portal and Team Fortress 2. Using the: Open Browser and access this URL: http://store.steampowered.com/macbeta/welcome Click "Play Portal Now For Free" And associate the Application and it will log in using a valid account. After completing the download of portal it gives the play button, but won't launch the game. I guess they are preparing for the release of these games for May 12th. One can only get even more excited with anticipation.
  15. I myself love technology, l guess l was brought up on it. In all honesty l think l talk about the operating system alot, but it replaced my World of Warcraft addiction, so l guess its probley for the greater good. I don't like Apple or Microsoft for different reasons, but some products these companys create are a leap forward in technical standards. Granted some are old technology renamed to make them sound new. Am l a Hackntosh fanboy, l would say 50 / 50, am l an apple fanboy? no not really. I switched from running windows as my primary OS to Mac OS X. But like many others here, there is a need, small if ever to have Windows on another partition for some Applications and Games that can't be ported to Mac OS X via (Wine, Crossover, Cider) or available as native versions. My enjoyment is this community and learning new things about an operating system l never used / nor wanted to for so long, only to find it's not as bad as l thought.