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  1. zeldakid1227

    GMA X4500

    hi everyone, is there any news for the people who have really odd display sizes like mine? (1366x768) i tried the most recent Chameleon method, but to no avail. my chipset doesnt ever support 1280x800 :/ just wondering what up -Dan
  2. zeldakid1227

    GMA X4500 (1280x800+mouse) working success

    Hi, I have the dreaded GMA x4500 MHD, and i tried your method, but my screne resolution of 1366x768 wont work. i even went into the Chameleon video info and it wasn't listed. is this a problem i should let the chameleon developer know about? or can you help me?
  3. zeldakid1227

    GMA X4500

    great work guys, hopefully we will have a real kext with at least full res (i don't really need ci/qe). keep up the great work, ill try the 3100 patch method and post my experiences when i can
  4. zeldakid1227

    iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    my dvd dirve wont show up and i need it by tomorrow for a school project (iLife '08 Install DVD) Its not even in disk util! its a optiarc dvd rw ad-7563a plz, any help is welcomed. i haven't ever had a proble with this drive before in the 10.5.2 i used to have :/
  5. zeldakid1227

    X3100 Video Problem

    2a02, and try the attatched KEXTs ViA KextHelper
  6. zeldakid1227

    X3100 Video Problem

    hi everyone if you installed the x3100 kext from your install dvd, there is only 1 thing you have to install to get QE/CI it is called the Apple Leopard Graphics Update. it is available: HERE just run it then reboot and enjoy ur Graphics card i am currently running an x3100 in my HacBook and have full graphics/hardware acceleration
  7. jalavoui. My 3945 scans and finds my network! im uploading wy degub og or w/eva via the .com hosted on the DarwinIwI gCode anything you want me to do to help the project, i WILL do. except flashing my bios I have very basic knowledge in programming, but think that between the 2 of us we could finally knock out this SOB WiFi Chipset! if you would like my help you can email me at zeldakid1227@gmail.com or just AiM(iChat) me @ T3hc0ol3sthair logs.zip
  8. zeldakid1227

    About this Mac Graphics

    Yea! the HUD EDIT: NVM, found the installer.pkg rofl thnx for telling me what it was tho
  9. zeldakid1227

    About this Mac Graphics

    hey everyone, i was wondering how u get that awesome clear about this mac screen. thnx in advance, -Dan
  10. zeldakid1227

    Official Gateway M-Series Support thread!

    Gateway laptop Users ReJoyce!!!! The Non-Working Keyboard in our machines has been fixed!!!!!! Fix is HERE
  11. Hey everyone! I have enjoyed my Hackintosh Desktop for the past year and loved it. Recentally (2 days ago ) I decided to invest in a new Computer (A Gateway M-6843 Notebook) So, Because i was helped, i am helping everyone else! And, not all things are solved on my machine, HELP IS APPRECIATED Current M-6843 Status: USB Mouse: [Working] Trackpad: [Working] Intel GM956(128mb) Intergrated Graphics: [Working] Just needed this and all worked Intergrated Keyboard: [Working] Gateway laptop Users ReJoyce!!!! Fix is HERE Intergrated WebCam: [Online Only] Sigmatel Audio (Its 9205): [Working] For anyone with this roblem the fix is here Install Method: Kalway 10.5.2 Install DVD Upgrades: AppleLeopardGraphics, 10.5.3 Combo, and 10.5.4 Alpha Any and all help is appreciated Remember t post your laptops model number, hardware specs, install method, and what worked out of box/patches you used. Thx sooo much in advance, -Dan [Zeldakid1227]
  12. zeldakid1227

    Impossible Gateway keyboard

    for you guys with the sound issues, here you go: LINK and any news on the Keyboard? I hate using my rubber roll-up {censored} keyoard :[
  13. That is verry odd, try re-installing! It sounds like something got Fudged up during the install. I also used Kaly 10.5.2 and it does load for a about 30 seconds - 1 minute there, but then works.
  14. Hi everyone, i recentally purchased a new Gateway M-6843 Laptop. I have gotten everything on it to work, except the intergrated keyboard (However the trackpad works ) When booting with -v I get "PS/2 Keyboard: Unable to Probe" Error message IhaveUSB Legacy disabled in my bios. What would be the easiest fix for me? P.S. I am running Kaly's 10.5.2 with the default install kernel PLEASE HELP! I really want my keyboard
  15. zeldakid1227

    iATKOS 4i (10.5.4)

    ok, do you have pacifist? If not, get it here ok, now after the 20 or so secondwait,click Not Now (unless you have purchased it) Now, click the Open Apple Install Discs. select the disc in the window then continue. Now wait while it loads all he install files. Ok, Now the little arow to the left of Kernels or something like that. now right click on the Speed Step kernel and right click install to default location. Use administrative acccess and enter your password. Now wait for it to install,, then reboot when it says. Easy as 3.14159265......