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    UnOfficial Dell Inspiron 6000 Thread

    Since I've been lurking here for a while, I thought I'd share a bit about my Inspiron 6000. I know when I first started on this (and a few other posters in this thread), all I wanted to know was if certain things were possible or not. Hopefully this post will inspire someone else to get this far or much farther. I partitioned the 160GB drive into three partitions: OSX, WinXP, and a FAT32 data partition. Using the Darwin bootloader to control boot. Sharing iTunes & other files between both OS's. I have never experienced a kernel panic with this particular setup outlined below in the last two months of daily use. WORKING: OSX86 10.4.10, used the following install: XxX_OSx86_10.4.10_Intel_SSE2/SSE3 (google it) with kernel 8.9.1 (after reading through my post to see what hardware I have, does anyone know of a Leopard install floating around that works as well as what I have here?) 1.6Ghz overclocked to 2.13GHz (bus speed is now 533MHz. Google "inspiron 6000 pin overclock"...no soldering, does NOT run hot. Speedstep kicks in, slowing the cpu when on battery and automatically steps back up to 2.13GHz if I'm running an app that needs the speed. Full 2.13GHz speed on power adaptor) 2GB Ram (say's running at 667MHz) Intel GMA900 1200x800, CI, QE (External homemade 15-pin plug with the two paper clip wires shoved in. Can't ever choose Mirroring or it gets stuck forever in Blue screen...have to reboot into safe mode and erase some files to get it back) AC97 Sound (works great! front buttons control sound but won't control audio players. ie.no play/pause/ff/rw Even supports external firewire MOTU 828 audio interface) System Profiler say's "No info available" for built in audio, yet it works fine. NOTE: When connecting the headphone/line out jack to my studio mixer, I get a noticeable static/buzz that is way different from regular ground loop buzz (keep forgetting to check this in WinXP to see if it's just the machine!). When on battery, output is crystal clear. Built in speakers always sound fine. AirLink 101 USB wireless (clear plastic/blue LED Picked up years ago for about $20 at Fry's electronics. Look for ZyDAS USB2.0 WLAN driver, I believe I had to tweak the info.plist file to enter a dif product ID. WEP works) I have to remember to turn OFF the internal wireless if I've used it in WinXP and reboot. The AirLink won't work if I do and the Inspiron green light just above the keyboard doesn't come on to remind me I left it on in WinXP. Bluetooth IOGear USB bluetooth 2.0 model GBU321. Can't recall the driver I used. It wasn't hard to find via google. I know I had to tweak some info.plist files and play around in terminal before it started working. I don't have anything else with bluetooth, so I don't use it. I was able to setup my iPhone at one point, but the iPhone doesn't currently sync via bluetooth. Ethernet works Firewire works (tested with external hard drives, audio interface, also as Ethernet over firewire to share Internet connections between my Powerbook and this machine) CDBurner using both finder and toast 7. Want to upgrade to an internal DVD burner, but this is fine for now. Hardware brightness works (fn + up/down arrows) but won't turn display all the way off... Installed LightMe! system preference by Daniele Margutti and was able to set Opt + F3 to turn off the LCD light. (energy saver sys pref is set to never sleep, turn off display after 2 hours) (opt = windows key) Safari 3.0.4 (already had latest Java update. Had to install webkit and javascriptCore frameworks off the downloaded 10.4.11 update with pacifist) XCode 2.5 Also installed Ruby, Rails, Eclipse, apache2, php, mysql. Programming is very solid with this install. Quicktime: after the latest update to 7.4(92), video started playing. Prior, I only got sound, no vid. iTunes: 7.6 (29) setup to sync with my iPhone Dictionary works. Dictionary on this install DVD didn't work. Found an update from the author of the DVD. Battery Original 53WH, only shows about an hour when running on battery. In WinXP, much longer. Want to pickup the larger version off ebay and see if that helps. BTW, I use the SlimBatteryMonitor instead of the built in one. PCMCIA I believe it is working. The only card I have is a Stor USB2.0 cardbus card. I don't think there are OSX drivers for it, but when I plug it in system profiler shows three new unknown entries for PC Cards, with what looks like product ID numbers. EMagic MT4 USB midi interface (see just below for intel driver info!!) Adobe CS3 Not sure why, but there was an Adobe CS3 item on the install DVD. I knew I wanted to install the suite, so I checked off that item. May or may not need it to install CS3. Pro Audio Apps: All audio apps run great. Have had up to 24 tracks of audio (all with effects) running at the same time on DP with Reason linked via Rewire at the same time without choking the cpu. - MOTU Digital Performer 5.1 - Reason 4 - Ableton Live 7.01 (only demo, but runs perfect) - Logic Pro 8.01 (only place to get midi drivers for Emagic MT4 USB midi interface) - Wiretap Studio NOT WORKING: DVD Player plays DVDs, but no video. I've tried a bunch of things to get it working. Can use VLC to play DVDs, but want to get DVD Player working. I have the same issue on an old iBook clamshell I hacked to drive a 1024x768 12" display. Would absolutely love to figure out how to get DVD Player to work on both machines! (clamshell is too slow to run VLC properly) Calculator ?!?! WTF? won't calculate results to anything. I even tried extracting the calculator from the 10.4.11 update and now it won't even start. Running calculator file in terminal, from within the calculator package, does not reveal any missing framework dependencies. Using Geek Calc for now. Sleep I can put it to sleep with the menu command. Closing the lid does not put it to sleep, but opening the lid will wake it up?! When waking from sleep, all seems well, but it's not. Beach ball appears but doesn't spin, no menus work etc. have to force quit. I don't let it sleep now ever. Startup Disk For some reason, when going into sys pref startup disk, this install does not show up as a bootable version of osx. Also "boot in firewire target mode" does not work. System just reboots normally. Boot screen resolution No matter what I try (graphics mode set to 1280x800x60@32, cscreen utility etc.) the white boot screen with apple logo and spinning gear is at 1024x768. Once it gets past that screen, it changes over to 1280x800. I didn't like the stretched screen look of that, so I changed the BIOS to not stretch resolutions. Still, it would be cool to get 1280x800 for bootup. Speaking of resolution, does anyone know if the higher res screens for the inspiron will work with my GMA900 graphics? I'd like to bump it up a bit. Maybe not to the full 1900x1280 resolution, but more than what I have now. NOT TESTED Modem I have no need for it, so I haven't checked if it works or not. I'll post more if I think of anything.