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  1. My Intel Mac Mini is a bit buzzy/whiney - anyone else with a mini get any noise? I think we should join in if its a common problem, but I haven't heard anyone else complain of this with a mini? I just don't know if its a 'normal' level of noise for a mini - if you go into a store then you'll never be able to tell as its never quiet enough and there are loads of other computers making some noise. Anyone help me out with a gauge to what I should expect to hear (sorry this is off topic now really)
  2. Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    Well I done some testing and the bootcamp application won't launch after sept 2007 but everything continues workings i.e. yuo can still boot into windows. If you want to run bootcamp to remove or change the partition then you only have to put the date back and it works fine. Piece of mind for me at least as I never like having software I know I'll need to upgrade because of timeouts. On a side note xp mce runs prefectly on my core duo mac mini and I'm now able to work from home with VS2005 on a near silient machine On an even bigger side note so far a had no problems with my mini, I use the apple bluetooth kb+mouse and airport express for internet/printer/itunes with no signal drops - everything just works like you expect an apple should...
  3. Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    Hi, I've had a quick scan through the posts and haven't seen the answer, so sorry if its already been answered (just point me to the relevent thread) What actually happens to boot camp after sept 2007 does it actually stop if you move your system clock forward? thanks in advance
  4. 10.4.6 Upgrade Released

    I just installed the 10.4.6 update onto my mac mini and thought I wonder what its done to the hackintoshs!... I've just sold mine and installed boot camp for windoze and it sooooo nice. This is so off topic its great! Right what I want to say is the updates are for macs so I'd work with the if it ain't broke don't fix it, my mate has 10.4.0 on his ibook all works fine, don't worry about updates it ain't windows world!! I do miss the hacking in a way, maybe i'll get a pc laptop... ;-)
  5. Mac Mini Reviews

    I've just hooked up my coreduo mini and I'm impressed! I was running a macahack before on a p4 630, 2gb ram, intel D915GUX m/b, 250gb 7200rpm hdd and I can tell you its as fast if not faster. the major plus is its quiet and small oh and supported via apple and not maxxuss
  6. New ATI Drivers

    I forced ATINDRV to load at boot a while back by changing the info.plist file on the ATI X1600XT it doesn't improve anything.
  7. I think the new mac mini looks great, probably get one and return my pc to xp world with a sneaky os x partition just for the hacking fun...
  8. Automatic login problems

    I just added a ADDN card to my D915 and I get the login screen now! What video are you guys using? and what connector vga or dvi? (hey I don't feel so bad being a Lowly Mac Mini as long as its an Intel one )
  9. XP on MacBook?! WHY?!

    I need windows for my job (windows platform programming) I had a powerbook 12" swapped to the PC cause I needed to for work. Waiting to swap back once a 12" Intel pb comes out and xp/vista can run!
  10. Your benchmark are only faster because you've effectively disabled graphics features by using the 10.4.5 kexts as they don't load properly (the framework kext gives effects like cursorshadow and controls power management) Apple has changed the framework kext to use the IO ACPI framework and this causes it to fail on our systems (possibly because of the new kernel APCI features that we don't have as we don't use the new kernel) Its king of interesting that Apple are still working on the on board Intel GMA drivers, maybe a budget Intel Mac is just about to be released...
  11. You will get graphic glitches with anything other than onboard Intel GMA video, I've gone back to GMA from an ATIX1600XT as I couldn't stand it (you also can't run full screen games or iphoto slideshows aas the mouse pointer get spread across the whole screen and you have to reboot to fix it) Other than that its probably a good setup to go for
  12. How to write '@' ?

    @ is on key 2 " is to the right of ; key (i.e. order of keys for that row: asdfghjkl;"\)
  13. Board with ADD2 dvi card?

    I'm hopefully getting one for my Intel D915GUX will report how well it works too.
  14. thanks quixos, I put the old framebuffer kext in and it noew seems to be as good as 10.4.4, but the monitor does always sleep properly now. When the screen goes to standby, it still shows the screen but in a dull shifted to the left knid of way. Looks like it half turned off! Its comes back to life fine. Any idea what up, another 10.4.4 kext replacement?? Cheers dm
  15. loads faster, I put my ram in the wrong slots for dual mode and when I swapped them over there WAS a noticable difference