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  1. here this work in 10.13.5: diskutil mount EFI
  2. I get behind black screen in Sierra by using a different Board-ID (Mpro4,1, Smbios is iMac12,2). Maybe it will work for you ...
  3. KWS

    ESP Mounter Pro

    This is surely much smarter than my little script, but one advantage of a script application is that everyone could view and change the "code" (show package contents then open Script in Contents/Ressources/Scripts. For me this does the Job ...
  4. KWS

    Fail Update 10.11.3 to 10.11.4

    Here 10.11.4 works only with OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi.zip
  5. With 1 EFI-Partition you can also use "diskutil mount EFI" ... BTW, open Terminal, write "diskutil mount EFI" and hit enter is not much, but a little morte effort than one (double)click ....
  6. Very nice ... seems that you won the small utility's challenge ...
  7. Not bad, but i am in the moment very busy with my work. It's (a little) difficult for me - believe it or not - to really understand all lines of the autosleep-script i created some years ago ... It needs time which i currently do not have ...
  8. Maybe its useful to use 2 "progs", one with diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1 and another with diskutil mount /dev/disk1s1 ... If you boot from Seagate you can use Mount EFI_d_0, if not Mount EFI_d_1 Mount EFI_d_0.app.zip Mount EFI_d_1.app.zip
  9. The "working" line in this applescript is: --set hier to do shell script "diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1" set hier to do shell script "diskutil mount EFI" so i think you know more about shellscripts than i ...
  10. Yes, but i edit config.plist manually, so for me it saves time ...
  11. Could be easily done by terminal, but this is for lazy people ... mounts EFI and keep a dialogbox open to unmount EFI-Partition ... Mount EFI.app.zip like above and automatically opens config.plist with associated prog ... Mount EFIc.app.zip i use this script mostly to change SIP-Configuration before and after kext or system updates ...
  12. KWS


    Excuse me, this reply should belong to maly70 ... I think the fact is if SIP-Utility make changes to nvram and in clover plist are different settings (SIP 0x00 and clover 0x67) with every boot clover will change SIP utility settings. Delete RtVariables from clover plist and use only SIPutility ... :-) (or vice versa)
  13. KWS

    OS X El Capitan DP's builds!

    the resolution for me was 0x67 before upgrading and easykextutility to install new kexts ...