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  1. Updated to 10.8.2 but then the GFX (NVidia GT520) again stopped working. By just adding 0x104010de&0xffc0ffff to /System/Library/Extensions/NVDAGF100HAL.kext/Contents/Info.plist all is just going fine again. FULL hardware acceleration ,sleep working flawlessly, just beautiful. Thanks again tseug!
  2. Hi, Weird news for all of you with problems booting the finished install. Seems like it's got something to do with the graphics, I guess you got a nVidia card, huh? For me, with my GeForce GT 520, deleting all the NV* kexts helped. I'm now trying to put my device-id in the NVDAGF100Hal.kext. Maybe that'll help. I don't think there will be any hardware acceleration without appropriate kexts... We'll see. And if that goes wrong, I'm gonna get myself an ATI card :-) EDIT: Got some kexts from here. These work just fine for me. Thanks again tseug!
  3. Some other version from another ML install package (dunno which) is giving me status report, but still no boot after install. I started all over - it's working on tseug's DS4, so why shouldn't it on mine - and recognized, that the ruby framework isn't doing its job in finalize script. I compiled a DSDT.aml on my own and now the sound assertion errors are gone. Still no boot. Something which gives me to think: the new install isn't caching the kexts, even if I boot with '-f'... What else could I try? GA35-DS4 BIOS F14, Q6600, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GT520, Snow Leo working perfectly!
  4. What I just realized, for me, there isn't any message from FakeSMC.kext showing up on boot, like it was in SnowLeopard. I'll try a different FakeSMC next...
  5. I'm getting this screen when I boot after installation. When I boot in safe modes (-x) it's starting, but without it just won't. What am I doing wrong? GA-P35-DS4, Q6600, NVidia GT 520, 8GB RAM Thanx! http://up.picr.de/11339376tn.jpg
  6. Hi guys, if you want a stock solution, without having to modify anything on the software AND want wake-on-click, try this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=252958
  7. C'mon! Don't be so lazy! We already discussed that... in THIS thread!!! Timeout Speedup boot process It's not too hard to use the 'Search Topic' button, is it?
  8. I activated iCloud on my Hack. But that only worked after customizing the serial.
  9. Open Cham.Wiz. and click on SMBios in the menu. Then click on "modify" or so, I got the german translation, anyways, it's the button under the paypal icon. Choose a premade SMBios, the MacPro3,1. Then generate a serial number and click on "Copy". Your serial now moves to the right side. A click on "Save" will put the data in your smbios.plist. Reboot and enjoy iCloud. Well at least it worked for me...
  10. Yep, no problems with iCloud after initial problems. iCloud wouldn't accept like another account from this computer or so. Download Chameleon Wizard and get yourself a new SN in your smbios.plist. The generator will do this for you. After that everything's working jsut fine.
  11. For me the signal was weak after placing the BT-module in my computer. I got myself an external housing, put everything in there, added an USB-port and taped it my desk. Works perfectly now. I LOVE the wake up feature!
  12. Open a terminal and smply type 'java'. That'll download and install the JRU.
  13. Sorry guys. I don't see the problem! Just get a LEGAL copy of Lion. That will work flawlessly and will be worth it! Please DON'T support illegal software!
  14. Just run the finalize script again for your new HDD. That will install a new chameleon and make the drive bootable.