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  1. Wallfacer

    [help]antique PC stuck at installing 10.10

    sit rep: finally come up to the installing screen with boot arg "nv_disable=1". Now i am facing another serious issue which has encountered before -- e.g. the installation doesn't recognize IDE mode HDD (the MB supports ICH9 controller -- which is not in the original kext). have tried ATAinjector, and patched the ICH9 with device ID, doesn't work so far... will keep on watching
  2. Wallfacer

    [help]antique PC stuck at installing 10.10

    thanks for your advice, rio..will try this,see if it approaches btw, if it is the cause, boot clover with nv_disable=1 may also work, right?
  3. hi there, when attempting install 10.10 to my old PC, it reboots everytime when attached pic shows up. my hardware is: mb - unika p35 (with ich9) 775pin cpu - intel xeon x3210 video card - nv geforce 8600gt could anybody know what was wrong? or is it possibly because of the video card, or the powermanagement? thank you so much for help!
  4. sure, thanks a lot, will try this.
  5. hi guys, I have successfully installed os X 10.10.5 on my laptop ThinkPad E431 with Clover boot. It worked fine before, today I tried to hide unnecessary boot volumes (like, winApp, winData etc.) in Clover/config.plst. However, after I had done that, the useless boot options were gone indeed, and the os X can't be boot too. At first it stuck at "IOAPIC" (as show on image), then after a while, it goes to "System uptime in nanoseconds ..." and died. Can anyone give some suggestions please? thank you so much for help.
  6. [update] nothing is deleted, I only replace the PS2 wired keyboard & USB wired mouse with a wireless USB keyboard/mouse set... still no luck. now the information is: "USBMSC(non-unique)..." then, (blurry screen with a stop sign) "still waiting for root device"
  7. My fault, but I am unaware if it matters when the "shown name" changed
  8. thanks Herve, luckily I deleted nothing there. But I tried to un-plugin all PS2 devices and replace with USB keyboard and mouse, still it stuck at there.. and a few moment afterward, a blurry screen with a STOP sign and "still waiting for root device..." comes out. someone said this because the installation was from an USB flash drive.. and the USB driver doesn't function well.. "burn the dmg into a HD partition and install from it" may resolve the problem; another suggestion is to mark the partition as AF (MBR) or set an ID to it (sorry I forgot the ID's formation, for GPT). Like I said, lots of people here get hacintosh installed by lucky, I've searched lots of posts here, yet none of them to explain the mechanism of WHY & HOW people get hacintosh successful(or failed). For now, I still get no clue. Thank you again.
  9. Hi, with Herve and other kind people's help, I finally installed the os x 10.10.5 on my PC. However, when I boot it with clover, it get stuck at "VoodooPS2Mouse 1.8.9 loading..." Relavent setting: 1. MB with ICH9, with IDE option only; 2. PS2 wired keyboard, USB wired Mouse; in local hacintonsh forums, the suggestion are below: 1, open AHCI for SATA on MB; 2, if no AHCI option, inject the patched kext; 3, inject a PS2 kext, such as VoodooPS2**; 4, delete a kext under S/L/CoreServices, to avoid loading keyboard when initiating the system; 5, use an USB keyboard; My attempts: 1, the ATA patcher is already injected. (no doubt, otherwise the HD can not be recognized even in the installation) 2, VoodooPS2**.kext (v1.8.9) is injected. I also tried another version (v1.8.11) VoodooPS2, or to delete the plug-ins: VoodooPS2touchpad.kext, VoodooPS2Mouse.kext in the VoodooPS2**.kext; 3. Can't find the so-called S/L/CoreServices folder; can anyone help please?
  10. Wallfacer

    How to load an IDE hard-drive in os x?

    got that, thanks all the same.
  11. Wallfacer

    How to load an IDE hard-drive in os x?

    thanks again, Herve. hope this doesn't bother you a lot -- is it possible to make a comparison amongst the different patching methods? Like, pre-patched kext (3rd party kext), DSDT injection, Clover config.plist injection, device ROM injection, vanilla kext patch etc..
  12. Wallfacer

    How to load an IDE hard-drive in os x?

    ye, still it is very helpful..there are lots of hacintosh beginners everywhere like me. In china, i see many people eager to hacintosh their PC/laptop, some of them succeeded by chance (simply follow the instruction); and some failed, without knowing & trying approaches other than the instruction -- which definitely can not cover all devices. Your guide is clear and understandable, I think it would be helpful for those hacintosh-er who would like to pay a little more efforts than stop at the basic problems only. BTW, is it the same logic to drive the other devices in os X, e.g. 1, make sure if the system support this device; 2, if yes, figure out your device ID and patch into the relevant kext; then the problems turn to: 1, how to determine if certain device is supported or not? 2, how to find the relevant kext to a device? (maybe by device function/name is a shortcut, is there any other clue?) 3, if both are negative, does it mean the device is a NO-SOLUTION one? thanks again
  13. Wallfacer

    How to load an IDE hard-drive in os x?

    re: Herve thank you so much for help, this is very detailed and helpful, not only to resolve my problem but explained the methods too. P.S. can I paste & translate your post to a Chinese hacintosh bbs, so that more people may be benefited?
  14. Wallfacer

    How to load an IDE hard-drive in os x?

    thanks, MARZILLO, will go take a try, feedback after that. thx, which device id do you mean to add in the kext? and how (please)?
  15. hello, my HD can't be recognized in the OS installation, when trying hacintosh my antique PC, but it works ok in MS Win10. After a few weeks' research, it looks that the OS X only support ACHI mode SATA? with detailed check, I figured out that the MB doesn't have an ACHI option for SATA at all, only IDE in there. my PC settings are listed, 1. CPU: intel Xeon 3210 (lga775) 2. MB: P35AX (with ICH9, phoenix bios, v1.2) 3. HD: wd 1TB 7200rps, Sata Then i found there is "ACHI/IDE" kexts(below) which seems to be able to fix this, AppleIntelPIIXATA ATAPortInjector however, it still doesn't work, the HD is not there in os installation with the kexts injected. Does anyone could help? ATAPortInjector.kext.zip AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext.zip