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  1. Can someone post the package? The one listed has some missing file.... I dunno how but I manage to enable the QE.... still has no CI though.. as far as I know that Radeon Mobility 7500 doesn't support OpenGL shader therefore shouldn't be able to get CI to work(and I hope I'm wrong) Any update from the other folks? Cheers Andy I'm running ideneb v1.4 Leopard 10.5.6 on Thinkpad T42 2373-4WU w/Radeon 7500 (If you need to know how I install ideneb v1.4 on T42... check wiki osx86 on 10.5.6 and follow the instruction there on how to install ideneb on T42. A bit tricky but I did it.) edited : Link to install ideneb v1.4 P.S. very important... just so y'all who is using thinkpad T42, go to lenovo link to find out exactly what kind of hardware you have in your T42. Not all the T42 has the same wifi, graphic and etcs. There are 2373 and 2374 revision and many sub revision for T42.
  2. Succesfull install on Abit IP35 Pro

    For those who has shutdown/sleep problem with Abit IP35 Pro..... Here is the fixes... well, at least it works for me, and I don't know why... but you might want to try CPU: Intel Q6600 MB: Abit IP35 Pro HD:Seagate SATA 500GB Optical Drive: Samsung SATA DVD-Burner(dual layer) Video Card: ATI X1900 GT BIOS Setting: I didn't have to disable or tweak anything. I left the JMicron enable. Harddrive partition: 1) WindowXP - 40GB 2) OSX86 Leopard - 40GB 3) DATA - The rest of the disk space. NOTE: I have tried putting OSX partition after the DATA 1->3->2 with NO SUCCESS. Botting from the Kalyway DVD without any problem..... then went through the installation no problem(Make sure you choose the MBR.. it works for me).... OSX Leopard installed properly without any problem... the Kalyway installation even give me dual boot option with windowXP as selection 1 and osx leopard as selection 2.... Post Installation: Everything seems to work fine... I have to patch the sound though... PROBLEMs: The shutdown acted like sleep: The Sleep will never get to wake up: Installed Aperture and crashes everytime I started the app... First, I didn't have my newly build computer hook up to the internet so I was just playing with OSX leopard(this is the first time I actually use it... so I was spending time understand/familiarize the OS)... Last weekend.. I decided to hook up the computer with my network and to find out that the NETWORK CARD WORKS!!! Here is the magic.. OSX Leopard detected that there are updates for my system.. so I just proceed with whatever updates that's available for my system. The update fixes everything..... 1) Shutdown properly now. 2) Sleep just fine now.... 3) Aperture RUNS!!!! Hope this help guys....
  3. Succesfull install on Abit IP35 Pro

    I don't recall to have to tweak the BIOS alot to boot from Kalyway DVD. It just work as long as you have a SATA DVD and SATA Drive.. Cheers andy
  4. Succesfull install on Abit IP35 Pro

    Alright guys, I also have installed Leopard on my Abit IP35 Pro w/Q6600 successfully. I have some problem/issue though. Keyboard and mouse only works 80% of the time. I have to reboot the machine if it doesn't work. (Still using the PS2 version of mouse and keyboard) Shutdown - the machine shutdown but I can hear the fan and the light on my motherboard are still running. Sleep - Sleep will shutdown the machine but can never wake up from it. Only way to shutdown the machine is to select the restart from the menu and power off the machine. Any help will be appreciated Cheers andy
  5. Succesfull install on Abit IP35 Pro

    I'm also researching on a good SATA Optical Drive deal..... Anybody else? Is that a definite no GO for using IDE Optical drive on this board?
  6. Succesfull install on Abit IP35 Pro

    Hello to all the proudly IP35 Pro owner... Has anyone manage to boot from the IDE optical drive? I'm still getting the com.apple.boot.plist not found error. I will try to borrow a SATA optical drive if possible. Cheers Andy
  7. The thing is, I tried the TOH RC2 DVD(Same DVD) on this setup and I'm getting the same error. Seems like the motherboard know I want it to boot from DVD ROM but it went to the WRONG place to look for the boot.plist file? Why is that? The motherboard I'm using is Abit IP35 Pro which has the JMicron chip on it. I have tried DISABLED the JMicron which also disable my IDE so I have to use the USB-DVD Rom setup and still with no luck. I'm so stuck... What should I do now?? Please help! help! help!! Andy
  8. I'm sorry but what is the different between booting the DVD vs. booting the install? Basically, I have install Window Vista on the SATA 500 GB on a 40GB Primary partition and I left the rest of the 460GB disk space for OSX86 Leopard. I'm using an IDE to USB adapter for an IDE DVD Rom. I can boot my XP/Vista CD from it but can't seem to be able to boot with my Kalyway Leopard DVD. I have an old TOH RC2 DVD which I install using the same DVD ROM on another machine and it boot from it just fine, so I must say the DVD ROM is ok? To me, the error "com.apple.boot.plist not found" seems like when booting from the USB Drive with the Leopard DVD, the system didn't recognize the DVD? Why is that? What is the easiest way to install Kalyway? It's a brand new computer so at this point, I don't really need a dual boot. Will it be better if I format the whole drive and just use it for Leopard? If so, what software should I use to format the whole drive and prepare it for OSX86 Leopard? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers Andy
  9. I realized that and was using the IDE to USB adapter with my DVD ROM. I still got the same error. What does it actually mean when it says "com.apple.plist not found" It didn't find my Leo DVD? Is that right? Is the SATA 500GB compatible? (Just need to make sure this is not a problem) Cheers Andy
  10. Is SATA 500GB harddrive compatible?
  11. Can anybody help me with this? I'm getting "system config file '/com.apple.boot.plist' not found". Why is that? I got the Kalyway_leo_10.5.1.iso and I have verified the checksum to be correct. System config is CPU = Intel Quad Q6600 MB = Abit IP35 Pro Video Card = eVGA 7200GS HD = SATA 500 DVD ROM = IDE Desperately need help guys..... Thanks Andy
  12. Just thought I'd share this with all of my dear fellows here in the forum. I was reading "a" magazine and one of the article was talking about installing window vista on iMacs... The author talks... and talks... and talks all the good thing about OSX while comparing OSX and Windows vista... At the end of the article.. he basically said... "Look, how great iMac hardware is, that you can easily install Microsoft Windows on; on the other hand, not all the PC can handle OSX." Well, maybe... Windows is better written which will accept wider range of hardware and OSX isn't? So guys.. what's your thought? Cheers