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  1. AppleHDA da patchare

    Grazie per la dritta. Funziona alla grande!!!!
  2. AppleHDA da patchare

    Ciao a tutti. Ho aggiornato il mio notebook descritto in firma a Sierra 10.12.4 e mentre prima funzionava tutto correttamente, ora l'audio non funziona più, cosa peraltro possibile visto l'aggiornamento dell'AppleHDA.kext. Ho utilizzato quindi il programma AppleHDA Patcher per provare a rifare funzionare la mia scheda audio che ha come codec un Conexant 20755, ma purtroppo non essendoci tra le possibili scelte il mio Conexant ho utilizzato la procedura che prevede di avere tutti i singoli file trascinandoli nella finestra del programma. La procedura termina correttamente e viene creato il kext patchato. Però una volta installato il driver, rigeneratala la cheque ed i permessi, l'audio non funziona ancora. Se vado in: informazioni di sistema\software\estensioni vedo che c'è un problema di segnatura ad AppleHDA.kext. Cosa posso fare? Grazie
  3. AppleHDA Patcher

    I need some help to patch AppleHDA for my Conexant 20755 audio device for Sierra 10.12.4 I tried by myself but I get a signature error loading the kext. Anyone? Thank you
  4. Thank you UltraLaser, I have applied your suggestions and system is working, included wifi and bt, but now my wifi device is recognised into the system information as a third party wireless device while into the IORegistry is again a Brcm4331 (see the attached images, sorry for the Italian language!!). Obviously handoff/hotspot is not working. Do you have any other idea?
  5. I have a different issue. My wifi and BT are working correctly but the Airport is recognised as a Brcm4331 and not as a Brcm4360. My wifi device is 14e4,432b. I haven't find a way to fix this. Anyone can help me? Do you think this method could work also for my wifi device?
  6. AppleHDA Patcher

    You want a brand new extracted DSDT or the one I actually use in my Sierra system?
  7. AppleHDA Patcher

    I will do. Thanks for your help
  8. AppleHDA Patcher

    Thanks for the info. The patcher doesn't have a patch for this codec. How could I proceed?
  9. AppleHDA Patcher

    What kind of patch should I use for a Conexant SmartAudio HD with Codec ID 0x14F15113?
  10. VoodooHDA - common problems

    Strange thing happens to my audio. On my Qosmio X70 I have a Conexant cx20755 sound board. I have tested all the VoodooHDA but the only one that seem to work is version 2.8.4. The strange thing is that sound works for 5 seconds, let say, from the speakers and then shut down. To have the sound back I have to switch to the headphones and than the sound works correctly for other 5 seconds and then shut down. If I then select the speakers again the sound get back but only for this bloody 5 seconds and so on. What could be the reason? Any one other faced this problem?
  11. Problema risolto, audio funziona perfettamente.
  12. Audio HDA not working

    Problem solved. Sound is working Bye
  13. Audio HDA not working

    The AppleHDA.kext I used worked correctly under ML but not under Mavericks. I have made no patch for AppleHDA.kext. For your information I've attached the file. AppleHDA.kext.rar
  14. Ciao a tutti. Ho installato Mavericks sul mio Toshiba Qosmio descritto in firma. Tutto funziona correttamente, compreso iMessage, Facetime ed iCloud, tranne l'audio. Ho provato con AppleHDA.kext (v.2.7.2) che funzionava perfettamente con Mountain Lion, ma purtroppo in questo caso non va. Non so se sia necessario modificare il DSDT che utilizzo e se anche fosse non sarei in grado di farlo. Qualcuno ha qualche suggerimento da darmi? Grazie per l'aiuto.
  15. Audio HDA not working

    Hello nobody can give me some help?