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  1. EDIT:I used the easykext installer, and this audio kext: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lxd76bw8i5gk3al/AppleHDA-272.36-ALC892.zip?dl=0 But still no success.
  2. any recommended kext installer and audio kext? all the kext installer i found are outdated
  3. Hi, After i install El capitan successfully, i realised that i cannot connect to the internet(I'm using a D-Link DWA-123 wifi adapter), and i cannot output Audio although my speaker is connected. How do i install audio and internet drivers/kexts for my Hackintosh? Specs Gigabyte z87-D3H motherboard Intel integrated graphics i5-4460 CPU 8gb RAM
  4. ern... i just told u that i couldn't find the bluetooth and nvidia kexts, where can i find it? thanks
  5. i'm using a macintosh, and the boot loader is clover. I have checked the efi partition /kexts folder, and there are no bluetooth but fakesmc kexts.
  6. how do i excess s/l/e from my usb drive. I tried using command+shift+G but it says "cannot be deleted, required by os x"
  7. hi, for some reason it stuck at apple logo(-v -x) too, but this time with a spinning wheel. I'm trying it again with graphics enabler boot flag. And i'm using this method: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/307003-clover-os-x-el-capitan-usb/
  8. Hi, Im having some trouble installing El Capitan on my mackintosh. Every time i boot into mac using a 8gb usb drive(Motherboard usb 2.0 port), the progression bar will finish at the end of the bar but never proceed to the installation. Specs: Gigabyte z87-D3H motherboard Intel integrated graphics i5-4460 CPU 8gb RAM My steps for installing el capitan: 1)Install ########## (sorry but i have to use it, Chimera doesn't support El Capitan!) with UEFI boot mode 2)Make sure i have the correct bios setting(adhi, no vt-d) 3)boot from usb 4)select "boot mac os from usb" 5)get stuck at apple logo screen I've tried -v, -x(didn't work at all), graphicsEnabler, PCIRootUID. And none of them worked. Sorry I'm a big noob and this is my first time installing Mac OS x. Thanks a lot guys. without any boot flags. with -v with -x