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  1. Grim Reaper

    Install Mohave on an HP ENVY Phoenix 860-019?

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, the HD6450 is very out-of-date now and the Intel 530 integrated graphics of the i7-6700 is much better.
  2. Anyone know if OSX can be installed on this? I have searched for information about installing OSX on it and found nothing. I just got an HP ENVY Phoenix 860-019 desktop for a very low price, $100 CDN without any hard drives or add-on graphics card. It has an I7-6700 3.4GHz processor, integrated Intel graphics 530, 16GB DDR4 memory. It has only two PCIE expansion slots, one PCIE 16 for a graphics card and a PCIE 1x. It is now running Windows 10 on a 3TB drive. I have an old Radeon HD6450 which will operate with it with the bios set to legacy boot (it won't with the bios set to secure boot). Any information about installing OSX Mojave on this computer is very much appreciated.
  3. I have the HD 5450 and the HD 6450. The HD 5450 works perfectly with sleep/awake. The HD 6450 does sleep but won't wake. Get the HD 5450. I have the HD 6450. It will sleep but won't wake.
  4. The only certainty is the YouPorn integration.
  5. Grim Reaper

    No graphics / USB / Audio after wake

    Here's something else that may be involved: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201960 "With Wake on Demand enabled (see below) and your Mac in sleep mode, your Mac will occasionally wake for a brief time, without lighting the screen, in order to maintain active shared service registrations with the Bonjour Sleep Proxy."
  6. Grim Reaper

    No graphics / USB / Audio after wake

    The problem is most likely an OSX power management problem. https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/DeviceDrivers/Conceptual/IOKitFundamentals/PowerMgmt/PowerMgmt.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP0000020-BABCCBIJ That has now changed according to this: https://www.apple.com/osx/all-features/pdf/osx_elcapitan_core_technologies_overview.pdf "USB Power Management Traditionally, USB device power management is done manually, with a function driver making explicit suspend or resume calls on a USB device service. This is error-prone and results in overly complex driver code to manage power state. USB in OS X El Capitan has been completely implemented to benefit from the same USB architecture and aggressive power management policy adopted by iOS. Each endpoint in a device can be given an idle timeout in milliseconds, and an endpoint is considered idle if an active transfer hasn’t completed within that timeout. The device has an idle state as well, which is a logical AND of the idle state for the endpoints associated with the device. Only when the device idle timeout expires does the OS pause I/O on the bus and electrically suspend the device at the port. The idling system is an important advance because drivers don’t need to actively participate in power state transitions."
  7. Grim Reaper

    No graphics / USB / Audio after wake

    Why? What causes the difference? I think I am switching to NVIDIA graphics cards, they've been more compatible and NVIDIA is providing updated drivers for each OS X update whereas Apple and AMD are not unfortunately for AMD. I am on the verge of updating the graphics card for 4K. Any reasonably priced recommendations?
  8. Grim Reaper

    No graphics / USB / Audio after wake

    The HD 5450 is not natively supported but there is a DSDT patch that enables the HD 5450 to work completely including wake from sleep. The HD 6450 is natively supported but doesn't wake from sleep. Doesn't make sense.
  9. Grim Reaper

    No graphics / USB / Audio after wake

    5000 series doesn't work for wake from sleep for the HD 6450, there are a lot of posts from others about this problem with this and other graphics cards. I've tried that but it doesn't work. I think a DSDT edit would work or something else which is unknown.
  10. Grim Reaper

    No graphics / USB / Audio after wake

    I am running an OptiPlex 780 with El Capitan that wake from sleep works fine with a DSDT edited for the HD 5450. I also have an HD 6450 that I've installed with a DSDT not edited for the HD 6450 which doesn't wake from sleep. I don't know how to edit a DSDT so I haven't been able to try editing one for the HD 6450 like the DSDT is edited for the HD 5450. Does anyone want to try editing it or guide me through doing it?
  11. Grim Reaper

    No graphics / USB / Audio after wake

    I think that's very likely.
  12. Thanks for helping. Same problem with wake from sleep. I couldn't get sound to work according to your instructions. I would try editing the DSDT for the HD6450 like the DSDT is edited for the HD5450 but I don't know how.
  13. Wake from sleep works when booted in safe mode. That's when the default driver/kext is loaded and there's no graphics acceleration. Apple must have removed something from the AMD graphics acceleration which wake from sleep requires. Clover Configurator wasn't able to find the EFI folder, it is on a separate partition disk0s1, which is hidden. I used a script to mount it: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/308089-el-capitan-and-disk-utility-how-to-show-hidden-partitions-like-in-yosemite/ Mount EFI Disk0.app.zip Or, better, install the modified version of Disk Utility from a previous Mac OS (Yosemite) that enables all the previous functions that are missing in the El Capitan version of Disk Utility. It's at the end of the thread at the hyperlink I provided above for the script. Follow the chown instructions and the instructions to enable the debug menu so hidden partitions can be shown. Here's the report and boot log: Report.zip bootlog.log.txt
  14. I don't know why but there's and EFI folder in EFI-Backups -> r333 -> 2016-01-30-17h32 but no EFI folder in the root of the hard drive like there was previously. I have an HD5450 1GB. Wake from sleep does work with it but the HD6450 is better and has 2GB. The BIOS mods you referred me to are to enable the Optiplex 780 to use a Xeon processor. I am looking for a tutorial and a utility to modify the BIOS.
  15. So far, everything works including Bluetooth, the USB 3 PCI card, etc., except for wake from sleep which is the same as it is for many who have an ATI/Radeon graphics card (I am using an HD6450 2GB). I have read that those who have a BIOS which enables the IGFX and the PCIe graphics card to be simultaneously selected have been able to get wake from sleep working. I have been looking into modding the Optiplex 780 BIOS to enable that but haven't found information on modding it, only SLIC mods for Windoze. Here's the report: Report.zip