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  1. thanks again for answering, i successfully boot up to mac snow L 10.6.3 but the applehda and Voodoohda sound kext doesnt works, and making sound screaming. i had already tried voodoohda package installer, and doesnt works either. wifi is working, blueetooth some times appeared , I am using iatkos s3 V2 , and i think the bios in NOT to set to AHCI but to SATA , ( nothing changed on BIOS ) after many trials and errors , the OS loaded but still got sound to works properly. again, many thank you for the help and explaining.
  2. hi there, may be the posted under RTL8187Se should works for you. and i've got LG x120 and still learnig what kext needed or preinstalled on SL
  3. kozhe

    Introduce yourself.

    hi everyone, i'm new with hackintosh, and i got an old notebook LG x120, and still learning how to dual boot it with win 7. all the help i apreciated .. thank you
  4. ok .. will do that, thanks for answering,
  5. HI, this is my first time hackintosh ing my netbook LG x120, and i was stuck with the bios setting, can you guys lend me a hand ?
  6. kozhe

    Installing Leopard on LG x120

    hi, is there any bios setting needed ? thanks