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    How to hackintosh?

    So cool, after 10 minutes of extracting the InstallESD.dmg 7zip cancels it with some weird error mesage (object disconnected from its clients or something like that) and also i cant install paragon partition manager because when i open the setup it says invalid drive M: - I dont even have drive M, wtf? It almost seems like windows is trying to prevent me from making an OS X installer... EDIT: http://i.imgur.com/ZKO1rfV.png WHYYYYYYYYYY Am i doing something wrong? Its the 5GB installESD.DMG from the yosemite.app shared content but when i open it with 7zip it only has this 8MB file in it...i am just about to give up Also i dont have enough data for today left so i cant download another copy of OS X (stupid FUP...)
  2. neclovek

    How to hackintosh?

    If i had a mac machine i wouldnt bother to convert a windows one I got myself a Yosemite 10.10.4 DMG file and i restored it to a 8GB USB. Now i guess i need to add the kernels & stuff but from the big tutorial i really dont understand step 5b: cp "/Volumes/OS X Install ESD/BaseSystem.dmg" /Volumes/Yosemite/ cp -a "/Volumes/OS X Install ESD/BaseSystem.chunklist" /Volumes/Yosemite/ rm /Volumes/Yosemite/System/Installation/Packages cp -a /Volumes/OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/Packages /Volumes/Yosemite/System/Installation/Packages mkdir -f /Volumes/Yosemite/System/Library/Kernels What does it do? Can i somehow do it if i dont have the Mac APP but only the DMG file? What happens if i dont do it? Also could someone recommend me a tool that makes windows able to read HFS partitions? Otherwise i dont see a way of editing the install (adding kernels) Thanks. EDIT: Damn, I just noticed you actualy linked a video tutorial - idk why it didnt show until now...looks like i did it wrong so i have to do it again.
  3. neclovek

    How to hackintosh?

    I found a thing called "TransMac", can it be used as an alternative to make install usb? Because in the tutorial there is no way of doing it from windows machine so i guess i have to keep searching....
  4. neclovek

    How to hackintosh?

    Okay, i just finished reading the stuff in the link you posted. Man, there is so much stuff one has to do to get this working... I noticed all the tools needed for this are MAC only, are there some windows alternatives? Also about the DSDT stuff - Do i need it before installation or after installation?
  5. neclovek

    How to hackintosh?

    Thanks! I will deffinitely read that stuff. My setup: MB: Asus M5A78L/USB3 CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965BE RAM: Kingston 8GB 1600MHz GPU: Asus Radeon HD 7770 1GB Few SSDs to play with 3 monitors (sides on DVI and MiniDP, main on HDMI, all three different) SoundBlaster Audigy PCI Souund card Sorry if i missed something.
  6. neclovek

    How to hackintosh?

    Hello! Yesterday I decided to throw out windows (hate it so much...) and try out hackintosh. I somehow (probably a miracle) installed Yosemite and it almost works (but with random freezes, no sound, graphic card glitches and so on...) but i want to start from the start because going into something this complicated headlessly is a suicide. So what do I need? I need to start learning but i dont know where. If someone would help me to get into this i would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading and looking forward for your replies.
  7. neclovek

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello all! I am completly new to this whole hackintosh thing but i really want to try it out, hopefully i will get all the help i need.