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  1. jlcdgd

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Is the same one than in Mojave Thanks to @PMheaart
  2. jlcdgd

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    I was finally able to make Catalina work on X99 E WS 5960X RX580 Protools is not working BTW, but I will follow the betas Please, find enclosed my EFI. Don´t forguet to do your own serial number EFI.zip
  3. jlcdgd

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Anyone with an X99 board an 6950X processor? Could you please share your EFI? Thanks!
  4. jlcdgd

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Not sure if it´s already said... IOPCIFamily kernel patch for X99 5960X? Thank you
  5. jlcdgd

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    I just have posted an old post. In fact, I don´t know how to do it.
  6. jlcdgd

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    my problem was solved It was an avid kext
  7. jlcdgd

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Everything was working ok with the previous beta. Now I am getting this error Is a 5960X over X99 deluxe
  8. jlcdgd

    VoodooHDA 2.9.2

    Where youbable to make it work? Thanks in advance
  9. jlcdgd

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    I was able to make 10.14 works in my Asus X99 deluxe with 5960X. Please find enclosed the most important clover files of my EFI folder. No USB kext and all ports working perfect at right speeds. Both ethernet ports also working. Bluetooth and wifi working too. Audio working via Voodoo HDA, Radeon Graphics Some kext patches, no kernel patches. I hope it can help someone. Best JLC Archive.zip
  10. I think USB port limit patch is different again...
  11. @animani Could you please share your EFI? Thanks in advance
  12. Surfinchina, could you please post your BIOS setup and let us know which exact version of the osx are you using? Thank you! It seems you have a wonderful machine
  13. Hi nmano, I have an Asus X99 Deluxe... Could you do your magic? Thanks in advance... https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B31Tsmyt5KCuZHc0RFdyZUVGdUk&usp=sharing
  14. Please find enclosed a link where you can download everything you need to make an Asus X99 Deluxe and a 5960X work with last Public Beta of Sierra. Probably less kext are necessary (USB related) Thanks to everybody credits goes to you, nothing to me. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B31Tsmyt5KCua1dQeGM3SVRMYk0