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  1. Hi! can you dicribe what exact solution, URL is not working thanks
  2. News

    any news about AD 198x HD audio codecs support in those kext's?
  3. hot only 88b, almost everyone, who uses HP Intel-based laptops, that comes with AD1981HD
  4. version 3 output:kextload: HDAudio.kext loaded successfullyHDAudio[0x1ca1800]::CodecDetecrion-started(0x19ab080) by TaguraHDAudio::D27:F0 Irq: 21 Vid: 8086 Pid: 27d8HDAudio::Cad Address: 0HDAudio::Vid/Pid : 0x11d41981 0x00000000 0x00000000 HDAudio::0x103c30aaHDAudio::0x00100200HDAudio[0x1ca1800]::CodecDetection-ended(0x1) there is no difference between linux codec dump and output of detection in 1st and in 3rd version(version 2 unseen/untested by me)
  5. AppleHDA Patcher Results

    Computer Type: Laptop HP nx6310 EY512ES CoreDuo T2050 Sound Card Vendor: ADI Sound Card Model: AD1981HD Vendor Id: 0x11d41981 Working: Not Working: everything Patcher Version used: 1.18 System Version: Tiger 4.8 , kernel 8.8.1 obs: no working controls, don´t hear anything AD1981HD.txt
  6. is this is a big trouble, that your kext detected Revision id as 0x00100200, but linux codec dump is 0x100200? can give any help with testing HP AD1981HD
  7. Hi! have the same issue with HP nx6310 CoreDuo T2050 1600 Mhz MB:Intel® i945GM Express; video i950GMA sound card: ADI 1981 HD output of that kext is the same as linux codec dump
  8. test on: HP nx6310 EY512ES CoreDuo T2050 sys: Jas 10.4.8 (yet no sound :mellow:) sound: Soundmax HD Audio 24bit ADI 1981 HD output: HDAudio[0x1ca2800]::CodecDetecrion-started(0x19ab080) by Tagura HDAudio::D27:F0 Irq: 21 Vid: 8086 Pid: 27d8 HDAudio::Cad Address: 0 HDAudio::Vid/Pid : 0x11d41981 HDAudio::0x103c30aa HDAudio::0x00100200 HDAudio[0x1ca2800]::CodecDetection-ended(0x1)