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  1. @hsu.pengjun You forget about VoodooTSCSync.kext or TSCAdjustReset.kext.
  2. 314TeR

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    Will it be possible to fix this error in the future?
  3. 314TeR

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    None of the above versions of AptioFIX work with me on Z97 ASUS Maximus Impact VII (BIOS 3003). I tested thoroughly the clover r4368, OsxAptioFix2Drv-WTF.efi, OsxAptioFix2Drv-WTH.efi and OsxAptioFixDrv-WTB.efi.
  4. 314TeR

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    I have the ASUS Maximus VII Impact (Z97). Version 0217 UEFI firmware allows for writing to NVRAM, 0412 and later no longer works. I extracted nvramsmi from version 0217. I replaced nvramsmi module in UEFI 0412 with older version from 0217 and the saving to NVRAM started working. In this way I have been able to successfully modify many firmwares, in different versions and different motherboards. I tried to disassemble these modules and compare what changed between version 0217 and 0412, but unfortunately I'm not a programmer, the assembly is already over me. Maybe someone would try to disassemble these modules, compare them and see something relevant. I attach to the post both versions of nvramsmi modules. 0217 - NVRAM saving OK 0217-body.bin.zip 0412 - NVRAM broken 0412-body.bin.zip
  5. 314TeR

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    I will join the question. Where can I find the correct FM FFM for iMac14.2. Posted in 2600 post sems incorect, does not work on my Haswell.
  6. 314TeR

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    I have the same problem. Fresh installation HS DP6. Clover 4173, several times I checked all the SMBOS data and I have set this according to the previous info from here post 2600: <key>SMBIOS</key> <dict> <key>BiosReleaseDate</key> <string>08/08/2017</string> <key>BiosVersion</key> <string>IM142.88Z.0122.B00.1708080739</string> <key>BoardSerialNumber</key> <string>***CENSORED***</string> <key>FirmwareFeatures</key> <string>0xe00fe137</string> <key>FirmwareFeaturesMask</key> <string>0xff1fff3f</string> <key>ProductName</key> <string>iMac14,2</string> <key>SerialNumber</key> <string>***CENSORED***</string> <key>SmUUID</key> <string>***CENSORED***</string> <key>Trust</key> <true/> </dict> SMC is also correct: 2.15f7 There is definitely something wrong with the SMBIOS data or DP6 installer for identification iMac14,2 (iMac (27-inch, Late 2013).
  7. 314TeR

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    Next dumps from Asus Z97 Gryphon. 1304 - preserve nvram 2012 - broken nvram https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19801500/tmp/asus_gryphon_Z97.zip
  8. 314TeR

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    Dumps from two version of BIOS - 0217 preserve NVRAM, 0412 have broken NVRAM. If you need any more dumps, tell me what you want, I'll do it. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19801500/tmp/NVRAM%20Maximus%20VII%20Impact%20Clover%203922.zip
  9. 314TeR

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    I can flash bios without any risk. I have Usb Flash Back on board, and a hardware SPI programmer. I have a copy of the contents of the flash.
  10. 314TeR

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    On some Z97 ASUS motherboards, for example Z97-C write to NVRAM worked with BIOS to versions 2403. Later version not preserve NVRAM. Does that help, if I asked some from my friends who have this motherboard for making dumps from version which preserve and don't preserve NVRAM?
  11. 314TeR

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    In this buld I can boot to Yosemite, but nvram not works. Previus buids macOS not working at all - hangup or reboot on boot. forget - my mistake... here is dumps from my motherboard: ASUS Maximus VII Impact (Z97 + i7-4790K) BIOS 3003, dumps from clover 3922 Maximus VII Impact Bios 3003 Clover 3922.zip
  12. 314TeR

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    I have a motherboard on Z97 - ASUS Maximus VII Impact, who also suffers from a lack of write access to the NVRAM. I would like to help and make a dumps, but I'm doing something wrong and I can not do the dumps in the Clover EFI Shell. Can someone instruct me how to make them?
  13. 314TeR

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Hi all... Not all of the Z87 motherboards require patching. For example, my new ASUS Z87-WS, my friends Asus Maximus VI GENE, do NOT require a patch. PM works on the factory BIOS. Before anyone starts to complain that he can not upload a converted BIOS for Z87, let them first examine whether he needs to do the patch. Unfortunately, there are still mainboards with locked msr register, such as the MSI Z87-G43. PM on the Z87 works differently. AICPM is not loaded, but the kernel deals with the PM. If you have to restart immediately after booting the kernel, then locked register msr is the cause and BIOS needs to patch.
  14. OK, but still we do not know how ALC892 will run on Mac OS X. Can you tell us more?
  15. How will therefore implemented support for this chip in Mac OS X. Will there be a required patch AppleHDA, or maybe you use VoodooHDA.