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    Macbook heating?

    I'm getting strange feeling that 10.5.6 update (over 10.5.5) caused all the heating problems in my new Alu Macbook 2.4 ... In the beginning I didn't even think about cranking up fans, because its body was cold. But after some time I noticed that it's hot under the screen and near all the slots at the left ... Now I use SMCFanControl and set it at 4000RPM so CPU temps are in 40's Celcius. What do you think ?
  2. patrykens

    i-Bench to test your Mac

    System info Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5.6 (Build 9G55) Model: MacBook5,1 Processor: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz Frequency: 2.40 GHz Total CPU number: 2 Physical CPU number: 1 Bus frequency: 1.06 GHz Memory size: 2.00 GB Memory type: 1067 MHz DDR3 Compiled with: GCC 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5564) Tests results Composite result: 3.53 iBench_fp test suite Householder transformation: 3.29 Gaussian blur: 4.02 Mandelbrot set generation: 3.35 Numerical integration: 3.77 JPEG compression: 3.36 LU decomposition: 3.62 Edge detection: 4.43 Fast Fourier Transform: 3.30 Eigenvalue: 3.56 Partial result: 3.62 iBench_int test suite Prime numbers calculation: 3.25 Blowfish cypher: 4.02 Kruskal tree search: 3.37 ZIP compression: 3.05 Integer factorization: 3.31 N Queens problem: 3.69 Maximum Common Divisor: 3.15 Quick sorting: 3.61 Binary searching: 3.46 Bubble sorting: 3.27 MD5 hashing: 3.89 Partial result: 3.45
  3. I've got the new MacBook Alu 2.4 and have couple concerns: -it scores lower in ibench than my 2.33 2GB RAM 7600GT Hackintosh -during downloading at about 1MB/s (that's 8Mbit) I've watched a movie which didn't play smoothly - every 3 or 5 seconds there was a glitch -it's body is very warm, I can tell you what iStat is saying: HD 38 CPU A 68 enclosure base 34 encl base 2 34 encl base 3 31 heatsink A 66 heatsink B 57 northbridge 54 http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/8951/screeis1.jpg
  4. patrykens

    MacBook Suggestion

    The problem is I'm from Poland, and there is little choice on that subject (upgrading macs) Well ... I've been working in Photoshop on my current Hack and I am satisfied with the speed and this macbook would be even faster I don't do any hardcore rendering, so ... And any HD movies also ran seamlessly
  5. patrykens

    MacBook Suggestion

    0.4Ghz, illuminated keaboard and more diskspace. 13inch is indeed too small for photoshop, that's why I want to plug it to 32" LCD TV
  6. patrykens

    MacBook Suggestion

    Ram is something I can add later, upgrading cpu is far more expensive, am I right ?
  7. patrykens

    MacBook Suggestion

    Thanks As it turns out, I might be able to get the new macbook 2.4GHz
  8. patrykens

    MacBook Suggestion

    I've never been using firewall on my desktop pc so I don't consider it a loss The only thing I think of now is how am I going to squeeze my 1TB into 250GB perhaps external drive is needed. Can anybody tell me how do the USB ones work ?
  9. patrykens

    MacBook Suggestion

    Is firewire worth it ? how about external drives, is USB sufficent for that ?
  10. I'm buiyng a Macbook soon and I'm wondering which of those two would be better for me: - New aluminum MacBook 13,3"/2GHz/2GB/160 GB/SD/GF9400M/Alu FSB 1066 - MacBook 13,3"/2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/2GB/250GB/Double-layer SuperDrive/BT/AE (black one) FSB 800 I need it for: - internet - HD movies - music /recording guitar - photoshopping I've got 720p HD TV which would be used to watch HD movies and photoshop
  11. I'm a little cofused ... There are waaaaaaaaaaaay too many tools for patching and updating ... I don't know which to use, Extension pack or ls8's, pcwiz's Universal OSx86 Installer, then there is DSDT Patcher GUI but wait ... didn't Universal OSx86 Installer do the DSDT patching ? and how about Universal OSx86 Installer patching standard kexts for specific board ??
  12. patrykens

    erase it

    nevermind ....
  13. I've Got EP35-DS4 and using this method I've installed Leopard, but every now and then applications freeze for no specific reason. I can't force them to quit, restart and shut down doesn't work, I have to reset my computer. What could cause this problem ?
  14. patrykens

    Retail Leo installing

    Anyone ?
  15. patrykens

    Retail Leo installing

    Excuse me for not following your advice But your suggestion helped me to find an interesting thread. I made it, and installed Retail Leo using "another Asus p5w dh deluxe_ISO with Nvidia/sound support + GUI" from this thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...114834&st=0 Everything works now, (I had to patch Audio Taruga's way) except USB Drives ... Is this ISOs problem, or something else ?