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  1. I've tried booting other discs from my NEC ND-3550 drive, such as a Knoppix Live-DVD. It worked flawlessly...however, the OS X install CDs won't get past that E with the flashing cursor after it, no matter what I try to do...I've tried several versions already and they all show the same behavior Is there something I should be doing prior to burning the discs that I'm not doing? I'm currently burning at 4x instead of 16x onto high quality Verbatim (MCC) discs.
  2. Spend a little more for the 8800GT 256MB if you want Nidia and want to play some games in Windows too. This card is very fast for the price and can play very demanding games like Oblivion with AA on at resolutions up to 1600x1200 with 30+ FPS. If you do not care about playing games then basically any low-end Nvidia card will do.
  3. How to Resize Hardrive

    To re-size your HDD you need a program like Norton (formerly PowerQuest) PartitionMagic or Acronis Disk Director, assuming you want to do this in Windows. Just install, reboot, start the program, and drag the partition you want to resize. The new space will become unallocated space, which can then be formatter for installing an OS.
  4. I tried both the OS X 10.5 AMD iso and the 10.4.8 JaS AMD/Intel SSE2/3 iso; burned in Nero 7 Ultra onto Verbatim DVD+Rs (checked the "verify after burn" box), then used a PS/2 Keyboard and USB to Male PS/2 adaptor for the mouse (so both are PS/2). I also disabled legacy USB support from BIOS as some posts here have said to do. However, as soon as I try to boot from the DVD, I just get stuck at a black screen with an "E" in the top left corner and neither keyboard nor mouse work. The Numlock light is on in my keyboard, but trying to press caps or scroll light has no effect and the lights stay off for those. What is happening here? What do I need to do to get the bootloader to recognize my key presses so that I can continue with the install? If it's indeed my PS/2 keyboard (even though both keyboard and mouse are on PS/2 now), then will I be able to progress beyond the "E" with a USB one? I did read that a PS/2 keyboard kext was needed, so I tried to add the kext folder to /System/Library/Extensions through MagicISO and then re-saving the iso file. Is this the proper way to add kexts? Does anything else need to be done for the kexts to work? System info: Athlon X2 Brisbane @ 2.8 GHz (tested stable in Windows under Orthos) 2 GB G.Skill-HZ DDR2-800 MSI K9N Platinum NF570 7600GT 120G Seagate ATA (C: drive, Windows) 80G Maxtor SATA (E: drive, 20GB set unallocated for OS X) Thanks for any help. I'm new to OSx86 and it's been pretty overwhelming so far...but I'll keep trying as long as I have some advice to go off of...
  5. New AMD DVD for leopard

    After I boot from the CD I just get a black screen with a prompt saying "E"...my PS/2 keyboard does not work, so I cannot get past this screen. I read a few pages back that there were some kexts you could add to fix this, but I was unsure how to add these to the Leopard ISO. I tried using MagicISO, but it gave me a "not enough space" error when I tried to add the PS/2 Keyboard kexts to the ISO file. Can anyone help? By the way, system specs if these help: Athlon X2 Brisbane 65nm OC'd to 2.8 GHz Orthos stable MSI K9N Platinum NForce 570 Ultra 2 GB G.Skill DDR2-800 HZ eVGA 7600GT KO 120GB IDE Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 (Windows, C: Drive) 80GB SATA Maxtor Diamondmax 7200RPM (E: drive, ~20GB unallocated space set aside on this drive for OS X Leopard using Acronis Disk Director) Does there seem to be any major issues? Also, do I need to disable cool/quiet and set the number of cores to "1" in order for Leopard to run properly? Thanks for any help in advance, I appreciate it