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  1. MasterHouse

    Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    Hi, Ronnie Thanks a lot for your driver! I was able to install a D-Link DGE-530T in Snow Leopard 10.6.4, without problems. Good work!
  2. Macinized, thanks a lot for your great guide!!! I have the same motherboard that you have: Intel DP35DP. I followed your method and now have an allmost fully working system. I have 3 problems: 1) My RAM is 800MHz but is showing 667. I remember there was a kext for this, but you don't seem to be using it... 2) I don't have sleep and after shutdown there is allways a reboot, allways. 3) I have the working EFI string for my video card (using EFIStudio), but how can I import it to the plist in the Macloader partition? Again thanks a lot for your guide and help. Master House PS: I'm using a 10.5.6 retail DVD as my base system and the latest version of yours Boot132 and MacLoader.
  3. MasterHouse

    USB Problem

    Thanks a lot, Lunux! It's working. I can leave "USB Legacy Support" enabled in BIOS, finally! Now I don't even need Acronis OS Selector anymore, I can use Darwin Bootloader. I have to do some more test as this machine is going to be a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), so stability is everything. Again thanks a lot, Lunux MasterHouse
  4. MasterHouse

    USB Problem

    Thank you. I will try this too. MasterHouse
  5. MasterHouse

    USB Problem

    Hello, I did everything that was suggested in that post with no success... I'm going to try another bootloader, maybe Grub, as some Linux live CDs see my mouse with "USB legacy support" disabled. Thanks a lot anyway. MasterHouse
  6. MasterHouse

    USB Problem

    Thanks again. My Kernel and system.kext are both 9.4.0. That's for sure. I'm going to read the USB post. MasterHouse
  7. MasterHouse

    USB Problem

    Hi, With IOUSBFamily.kext I can boot to OSX and my mouse works but no keyboard. When I connect anything to a USB port the system freezes and I have to reboot. Any suggestions. Thanks a lot. Master House
  8. MasterHouse

    USB Problem

    Thanks for the reply. I have to have "USB legacy support" enabled in BIOS otherwise I don't have control over my USB mouse to choose the OS in OS Selector, so approach 1 is not for me. I will try approach 2 then. Thanks a lot. MasterHouse
  9. MasterHouse

    USB Problem

    Hi, I have a dual-boot machine (XP SP3 / OSX86 iDeneb 10.5.4) and use Acronis OS Selector. Everything is fine using PS/2 keyboard and mouse. When I try to use USB keyboard and mouse I have to enable "USB Legacy support" in BIOS. Doing that I have no USB working ports in OSX. Any suggestions? A kext for OSX or a boot manager that enables USB without use of the BIOS... Thanks a lot. MasterHouse Intel DP43TF Q9550
  10. MasterHouse

    Q9550 - Only one core working

    Problem solved. My boot problem was caused by a ps/2 keyboard so no need to use cpu=1. Thanks.
  11. Hello, After installing OSX86 only one core of my quad cpu is working. Do I need a mod BIOS? Can anyone please explain in plain english what I have to do? Thanks a lot. MasterHouse MB: Intel DP43TF CPU: Intel Q9550 OS: iDeneb 10.5.4