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  1. fallingup

    PS2 trackpad not working during/ after install

    my keyboard doesnt work either, just fyi. Its an HP dv2315nr laptop.
  2. It is seen during bootup, and identifies it as synaptics trackpad, but as soon as i get to the installer, i have to plug in a USB mouse or nothing works.
  3. fallingup

    Gateway GM5446E

    i have the same pc. Its awesome with windows on it, so far on mac i havent been able (and havent really tried) to get sound or sata working. otherwise perfect!
  4. So Sometimes on boot, my laptop's touchpad and keyboard work, other times they dont. I cant find a cause for it. Any ideas?
  5. ghakazian: could you possible release the source?
  6. Thanks ghakazian, without you i would have traded my laptop for another one that would work with osx, now i can use it! I havent installed it yet, i might wait a while till a new proper driver appears, but that you so much for getting it jump-started!
  7. fallingup

    nForce 650i series on SATA?

    Azurael, thanks for that reply. just next time, try not to be such a {censored}. I can understand it getting annoying, but all that has to be done for you is to stop reading them. and yes. you can write to sata drives, nvidia nforce works up to nforce 4. we just need someone with coding experience to modify the nforce 4 kext to work with the 410/430 chipsets. just try to be a bit nicer, no need to be a {censored}.
  8. now we just need to get the 410/430 working. I have no experience coding a driver, so i would be no help except to beta test it.
  9. i think its hilarious how mean some people can be in forums...
  10. well, i am currently installing on my desktop that has an intel sata board, but i had to install it to IDE (didnt want to have to mess with my new 500gb sata drive), and then i am going to dd the disk after installing nforce 4 kexts, then try to dd it to my laptop that has nforce 430. does anyone know if that will work?
  11. snowski: i might have missed it, but what version of the install disk are you using?
  12. ok sweet. but your disk utility can see the ntfs drives?
  13. slip kid: did it work? and what was in ppf2 for jas's 10.4.8 that is important? should i be able to install to nforce sata, at least see it in disk utility with only ppf1?
  14. papodaca: there is a chance, and im sure once they get the nforce4 and other nforces working, the kext for yours will be either really close or already working.
  15. for the computers that use ati's 1100 or 1150, i read somewhere that the chipset is similar to the x200, almost exactly, so maybe try to use the x200's driver. but you wont get qe or ci if i am correct... trust me i have tried