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  1. What network cards work?

    Hi Everyone. I have an Acer 5680 working with Uphuck 10.4.9. Almost everything is working but: - Ethernet: Broadcom Netlink Gigabit 57XX - Wifi: Intel Pro 3945ABG If anyone has a suggestion please let me know. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Everyone. This could sound a stupid question but I have read a lot of the articles in this forum and I still do not find the versions available to install Leopard 10.5. I have read about a Halyway, ToH, iAtkos. 1. May anyone explain and detail the versions available? 2. Which are the pros. and cons. of each one? 3. and if I am running Uphuck 10.4.9 is there any of these that I can use to update (upgrade) or patch my version? (Which one would be the best one?) Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone. I just got a Laptop and I installed Uphuck 10.4.9. The machine is an Acer 5680. It has been working great but the Wifi and Camera (Even the Bluettoh works). Best Wishes
  4. Thanks vbetts for your comment. The price of a Macbook (2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / 1GB memory /120GB hard drive) is $1,299.00. In the other hand, the Laptop that I am looking for has better specs and it is around $900.00; hence cheaper. That's why I am looking for a Laptop that can support Leopard.Thanks PCWIZ. I will go and check the Wiki
  5. Hi Everyone, I want to get a new Laptop to which I can install Leopard and I can still run Windows XP or Vista. I know that I can buy a Mackbook and then use the Boot Camp to install Windows XP, but looking at the prices for Macbooks and comparing its features and hardware to a PC-Laptop I think I will be better off buying a Laptop and then installing Leopard. My main concern is which hardware is compatible (Drivers, controllers,...) in order to be able to run Leopard. The features that I am looking in a Laptop are: - Intel Core 2 Duo at least 1,66 GHz - At least 2 GB of Ram - At least 200GB of Hard Drive - One of the following Graphic Cards: Intel X3100, ATI Radeon HD2600, ATI Radeon HD2400 - Intel Wireles 802.11 A/B/G/N - Bluetooth - DVD+-/RW Burner - Integrated Webcam - V.92 56K Data/Fax Modem - 10/100 integrated Ethernet LAN - 5-in-1 Media Card Reader; 6 USB 2.0, RJ11, RJ45, IEEE1394, external microphone, headphone port, RGB, TV-Out - The Manufacturer could be Toshiba or HP I know that some of those details are 'irrelevant', but any suggestion in any of them will be great. I want everything working, or at least, the most important element (i.e. I dont care about the Modem). I was not able to fin the name and type of the motherboard. I guess the motherboard is one of the most important parts, but I think they use the same mother board to run the Intel Core 2 Duo processor in Laptops (Including Macbooks). So, I will be very glad if any of you fellows can suggest me: 1) Brand (Either HP or Toshiba) 2) Hardware requirements (Which ones work better and smoothly) (Which ones should I NOT take) 3) Software to be installed (Which Leopard, Parallel, OSx86, Hackintosh,...) 4) How should I install it 5) Any other suggestions Thanks. Best Wishes