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  1. okay after a week, i finally got it working, not sure what was wrong specifically before, i think it was my massive mis-understanding of kexts and locations. my solution was using the hazard 10.6.2 disc, and some ioata kext that im not even sure where i got at this point, so far everything seems to be working 100% in 64 bit thanks for your help oldnapalm, the lspci did help me quite a bit in other areas i was having issues with
  2. Okay, So i have been reading and have tried nearly every thing I could think of. I have Leopard installed to one drive, and am trying Snow on a completely seperate drive (need new xcode) At first I couldn't boot at all, and had no idea why, after a few days I came accross the modbin kernel and have been using that, now im able to atleast get into the kernel to see any panics (-v) So now Im at the famous "Still Waiting for root device" error, and from everything I read its completely related to my SATA drivers, i have no ahci mode in bios that i can see, ( computer specs here http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/dell-dime...7-31594474.html ) I have tried kexts from kexts.com including: http://www.kexts.com/view/83-intel_ahci_injector_.html http://www.kexts.com/view/228-aplleintelpi..._ichx_snow.html http://www.kexts.com/view/171-appleintelpi...rking_fix).html http://www.kexts.com/view/87-appleviaata_f...ow_leopard.html But i think i confused myself quite a bit between the /System/Library/Extensions and the /Extras/Extensions/ so I may just have things in all the wrong places to be honest. I do all the modification from the Leopard install because I cant boot so some of the kext helper tools dont seem to work well as they dont provide a way to work on a seperate drive ( i may be wrong about it ) Anyway, anyone have a good idea about what I should be using, and how to clean up some of the stuff I put in in case i have things in both places. I feel like im so close, but so far away. I may just get a Dell Mini 10v as I know those work well, but it would be easier to have my spare pc working. Thanks to anyone / everyone, p.s. 90% of the time i finally get to the point of posting a question I find the answer myself, I dont think thatll happen this time as I have been trying for days on just this, but ill be sure to post if i do
  3. Why Ubuntu

    threads a couple days old now, but the OP is describing exactly what I always do my reason: Ubuntu makes linux very easy, the forums have the solution for nearly every problem i get, and for me linux is all about making it work, once its working I have very little to do there. This is my process: 1) Install Ubuntu as a dual boot 2) Get Everything working perfectly. 3) Boot back to windows and forget about ubuntu for 6 months 4) Decide to make a challenge and actually learn more linux and install a harder distro 5) Give up 6) GOTO STEP 1 right now im at step 3 (about 4 months in, ... ALMOST TIME )
  4. one of two things would happen: 1: sony would have a huge fanbase of people who only watched sony movies, and there would be a hacking community devoted to making sony bd/dvd run on other hardware 2: sony would die out
  5. For me the decision to get one waivered quite a bit before the announcement I said there was no way I would get one during the announcement (even with the limitations, which are kinda big to me) i decided i just had to have one now, im not getting one who knows whats in the future, i guess when i finally order one i cant really change my mind