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  1. Coelacanth

    OSX on HP Z600

    Please go through above posts. All that you need is already there.
  2. Coelacanth

    OSX on HP Z600

    I had updated to the latest possible update and everything runs smooth. All running 64bit, 8 cores without a single problem. I have sometimes KP during bootup due mainly to the voodoohda, but a couple restart fixed the problem. But once you're in, you can't tell if it's a real Mac Pro or not, as even the sleep works and wakes up on a click of the magic mouse. Sweet!
  3. Coelacanth

    OSX on HP Z600

    I suggest you get an SAS card and it will solve your problem...i've had that problem before, but when i installed the SAS card, i was able to install Lion without a single glitch, much like installing from a real Mac Pro...had updated to 10.7.5 and still working perfect.
  4. Coelacanth

    OSX on HP Z600

    @Crackpot...i managed to update to 10.7 by using a SAS Adapter LSI Logic 3041E...best thing above all, i can do a clean install without a glitch. I am now running 10.7.4 on my HP Z600 and never had a single KP since i installed it...Just don't use the Hardware RAID of the adapter as this will not show up in the Installation...If by chance you will update to ML, please give us a heads up as your guide helped a lot...
  5. Coelacanth

    OSX on HP Z600

    @crackpot Thank you for the very informative guide. However, I just skipped the Installation part and installed via the USB Drive of my MB Pro, which somehow removed the part of buying a PCI SATA and PS2 KB/Mouse. Also, i deleted the AppleHPET.kext on the USB drive after the installation so that i can start using the USB KB/Mouse. Based on this procedure, you can then use the latest eye-Boot to boot your new installation. Once all the updating is completed, i used SuperDuper to copy my USB OSX to my HDD and run [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. Saved me time on removing and reinserting components. Just a question...had you made your switch to Lion?
  6. Had anyone here been successful of using EFI Strings for sound and get it working? I am using EFI Studio with my video card and is 100% wofking, with QE/CI support. I have Retail Install using boot132. My specs: Gigabyte EP35-DS3L (The most compatible board ever...Next Gen BadAxe) Nvidia 8800 Ultra (factory OC'd) E8400 @ 3.0 GHz (C0 Stepping, OC'd to 3.71 GHz, fully stable) 2x1Gb Team Xtreem Dark DDR2 800 MHz @ 5-5-5-16 Silverstone 750W PSU Gigabyte Volar HS/Fan Samsung SATA DVD Writer with Lighscribe WD Caviar 80Gb SATA HDD (Windows) WD Caviar 250Gb SATA HDD (Leopard) Seagate Barracuda 1Tb HDD Generic Bluetooth Shutdown using OpenHaltRestart.kext from Psystar PS/2 Fix from PCwizz Gigabyte control center app (very nice) Perfect Mac Pro...running 10.5.5 plus latest security update. Also, can anyone confirm if all 6 ports are fully working, plus the Coax and SPDIF out, coz the only thing working on mine is the Line out and microphone. haven't tested the SPDIF, but if anyone had used it, please share.
  7. Check your SATA Settings and fiddle with it. If your using AHCI, then try the IDE. also, check the HCL for your mobo and all and u'll see. just google "10.5.2 HCL"
  8. Guys, I just found the MOST COMPATIBLE WEBCAM for OS X Leopard, and it's cheap. It works well with Photobooth, iChat and all messengers. Philips Webcam SPC620NC. No need for Macam. It's plug and play, and ready to go.
  9. Coelacanth

    Vanila Kernel...

    Guys, I've been following the post about Vanilla Kernel for sometime now, and it got me confused just recently. On some post, they are saying that Vanilla Kernel can update from Software Update without the fear of crashing the system. I have been a Hackintosh user for about a year now, and been using the Vanilla Kernel on my machine since 10.5.1. The question i have in mind is, is there really nothing else to do to to upgrade to the latest version via software update? Not even deleting AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext? The only way i can update is by following Netkas' guide, otherwise it will not work. Please...enlighten me on my confusion. Coelacanth
  10. Coelacanth

    Installation problem on Intel MoB

    try using a different video card that is supported by Leopard. I've had the same problem before, and found out that the video card is the one causing the problem.
  11. must be a problem with the installation media. Try burning it on the lowest speed possible. i've had the same problem before. I just burnt the iso i downloaded to a new DVD and it solved my problem. hope it helps. Coelacanth
  12. Coelacanth

    [SOLVED]Nvidia Geforce 6200

    install NVInject and select 128Mb for the Video Memory. hope this helps. coelacanth
  13. Coelacanth

    d945GCCR Mobo issues

    guys, anyone here successful in installing Leopard (any version) with GUID as partition on this mobo? Also, if i install Leopard with MBR and used Vanilla (i have a C2D proc), i still need to use the cpus=1 to bootup. any help would be highly appreciated. Regards, coelacanth
  14. Coelacanth

    Wont install Kalaway 10.5.2

    What installer are you using? Be specific. Is is Kalyway, what version? Iatkos? Leo4All? We can't be giving you help without telling us exactly what you are using. Coelacanth
  15. Go for Kalyway 10.5.2 and it has support for all SATA, AFAIK. Regards, Coelacanth