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  1. VAIO k33

    More than likely, I'll have my old VAIO k33 back in my hands, and my brother will probably have it. He doesn't want Windows, so I figured I'd actually try an put OSx86 on it. It has a Pentium 4; will it be easy enough that it is compatible just like that? I don't know much more than that OSx86 uses non-G processors (AMD, Intel, etc) and clearly that it goes well with Intel chips. So, can I expect many problems trying to install it on the k33? I have wondered about other drivers needed, like its WiFi card? And would the CD/DVD drive just work, or need it drivers also? Sorry if these or nooby-ish questions, but everything just works with an Apple Mac. Unless somehow my brother gets a MacBook (still annoyed that it has *better* specs than my PowerBook G4...), I think he'd rather have OSx86 on the VAIO.
  2. OSx86 Installation DVD

    Thanks a lot. Now I know what I am doing/am to do. I know how to burn as ISO, just need to get a Win ap. I didnt get to much time earlier, so will have to try again this weekend. At least I have time to background check stuff. I think I was compressing everything instead of unrar-ing it. The txt file that comes with my files said something like to 'make sure that the machine is SSE2/SSE3 or whatever. Boot files were changed to work with most x86 machines and that it was cracked.' Also when trying to unrar them it gived me errors in OS X, and needed me to downlaod an app on Windwos. I hope to get it! T-Man
  3. OSx86 Installation DVD

    Nothing??? I think this is wrong topic anyway...
  4. I have the .rars to OSx86, but I dont know how to put it on the DVD right. I'm finally getting my hands on a DVD burner tonight, so I want to be ready. (the DVDs are also DVD RW, so I'm lucky ) Do I just copy the .rars to DVD; burn a specific way? I would like some help, and hope this is the right thread for this. (We are allowed to post about this, no?) T-Man