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  1. Hi all you ! I have read and searched a lot in this (and others) forum but still cannot resolve some issues. I'd really like to try Leopard but cannot make it works (sorry for my bad english). I hope that someone can help me. Thanks I'll try to describe you all my hardware and the steps I followed to install Leopard. MY Hardware:--------------------------------------------------- MB: MSI P965 Platinum ICH8r (LAN: RTL8111B, AUDIO: ALC883) CPU: Core 2 Duo E6400 RAM: 2 Gb All the drives (Optical and HDD) are SATA and are configured as AHCI: AHCI Port0: SATA HDD WD 320 Gb (<-- a new one. I want to install Leo here) AHCI Port1: SATA HDD Maxtor 320 Gb (NTFS) AHCI Port2: SATA HDD Maxtor 320 Gb (NTFS) AHCI Port3: (none) AHCI Port4: SATA DVD Asus E616A3T AHCI Port5: SATA DVDRW Asus DRW-1814BLT VGA: Asus 8800gts 512Mb (G92) WIFI PCI: Usrobotics 5417 BIOS SETTINGS:---------------------------------------------------- According to some posts I've read in this forum I've modified some settings in the bios: - Virtualization Tecnology: DISABLED - Execute Disable Bit: ENABLED - Core Mutli Processing: ENABLED - IOAPIC Function: ENABLED - ACPI Function: YES - ACPI Standby state: S3/STR INSTALL STEPS:---------------------------------------------------- 1. Put the Kalyway 10.5.1 in the DVD (AHCI Port4) and boot 2. Partition the new HD (AHCI Port0) as GUID and format 3. Custom Setup: -Vanilla kernel: yes -Vanilla acpi fix: yes (I've tried also "no" ) -(no selection of video drivers... so no natit nor nvinject, I will install later) -ALC883 Sound -EFI GUID 4. Install to the new HD (AHCI Port0). (I've done this process many times even formatting as MBR with EFI MBR, with or without Vanilla acpi fix... ecc) After installation, at the Darwin Prompt I see: "Use UP/DOWN Keys to select the startup volume" but tue only volume is: "hd(111,0) Leopard_Install_OsX86" "Press ENTER to startup... bla bla bla..." I have tried the following boot options: 1. (ENTER) 2. -v 3. -v -f in Verbose mode I can se some errors (not textual 'cause I wrote them down with pencil): USBF: AppleUSBEHCI - UIMINITALIZE - Error Occurred USBF: Unable to Initialize UIM USBF: Unable to obtain Ownership ... ... com.apple.systemstarter - Failed to count the num of files in "/system/library/startupitems/": No such file or directory ... anyway it seems to proceed.. IT SEEMS becuse ... ALWAYS RETURNS THE INITIAL SETUP (Language selection) Is a sort of LOOP... What I'm doing Wrong ? Please HELP ! THANKS A LOT !
  2. Hi all you ! (sorry for my bad english) I have read a lot and searched a lot in this forum to better understand the Leopard installation process BUT I'm still confused about the different "distro" (Tho, brazilmac, uphuck,...), about if with PC EFI I'd have a better setup... and so on. I'd like that my OS X system could be easily updated via the apple update service... I think that the following questions will help a lot of newbies... 1st QUESTION: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Is my hardware compatible with Leopard 10.5.1 installation ? MOBO: MSI P965 Platinum (ICH8r, Ethernet Realtek RTL 8111B, Audio Realtek ALC833, Firewire VIA 6308) CPU: Core 2 Duo E6400 DVD: ASUS (SATA) DVD-Writer: ASUS (SATA) VGA: Sapphire ATI Radeon X1650 HDD: 2 x Maxtor 320Gb SATA - 1 x Samsung 250Gb SATA WIFI PCI CARD: US Robotics 5417 MAXg I would install OS X in one Maxtor SATA HDD ... 2nd QUESTION: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Is better to install Leo with with PC EFI ? Does PC EFI makes a better system ? Or there are others and better ways ? (consider that is important for me that the OS could be easily updated via internet) 3rd QUESTION: (maybe related to the second one) -------------------------------- Will I be able to download the OS Updates and patches from apple update service ? 4st QUESTION:------------------------------------------------------------------- I have original Leopard 10.5 image (dmg)and Leopard GM 9a581 Patched for Intel PCs (SSE3 ONLY). Is better to start with a patched DVD or with the original one and patch it by myself ? What else I need ? Can you recommend me another "distro" ? 5th QUESTION:------------------------------------------------------------------- I have read that it is possible to install Leopard without tiger installed... but HOW ? I need Kalyway ? Please can you explain what I need ? What do you reccommend ? 6th QUESTION:------------------------------------------------------------------- I have read many DIFFERENT tutorials about the leo install process... but I am confused, can You point me to some tutorial that can be the right one for me (for my hw) ? 7th QUESTION: I would like to have WinXP in one SATA HDD and OS X in another HD ... What is the best way to multiboot ? I know, a lot of questions... but I'm still very confused... so, if someone can please answer to one or more... well... I would be very grateful... Thanks, many thanks for your attention...