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  1. insanefrancis

    OpenCore Discussion

    OpenCore 0.5.3 was just released and I just build it using macbuild.tool. Now, what's the proper way of updating my existing opencore efi? Thanks.
  2. insanefrancis

    OpenCore Discussion

    @Download-Fritz 1. It is already set to 0. Will try to read other options. 2. Boot verbose? Is this the "-v" equivalent in Clover which shows text instead of the logo?
  3. insanefrancis

    USBPorts.kext OC - System fails to boot - Solved

    Hi, Did you just leave the ExecutablePath empty to make it work?
  4. insanefrancis

    Lilu — kext and process patcher

    Noob Legit Question How do I compile/build the latest Lilu? Should I just clone or download this and run "xcodebuild"?
  5. @MaLd0n Hello sir, Could you kindly check my attached output of your RunMe.app and tell me needed fixes and patches. TIA Send me Franciss-iMac.zip
  6. Hi everyone! Kindly help me fix my Power Management / Speedstep for my hackintosh. Intel i5-4590 Asus H97i-Plus 8 GB Corsair RAM Intel HD 4600 Clover Bootloader Right now, according to Intel Power Gadget, the lowest frequency I get is 2.6 and it doesn't even stay there even without doing anything. I am confused with the guide here as it's for general hackintosh. Maybe someone could help me with my specific Haswell build. Thank you.