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  1. Yeah, i know, just making it clear for those who don't know. GM was 15A Then 10.11.1 Beta was 15B And now the release is 15A
  2. Just a heads up, for El Capitan Release version, the build is no longer 15B but again is 15A so you need to change back.
  3. People keep mentioning WiFi, but it ONLY happens on a wired connection. I bought this USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet adapter that has it's own proper OS X Driver - NOW IT WORKS! http://www.j5create.com/our-products/ethernet-adapters/jue130.html I can reach 80-100MB/s without issues even when copying many files!
  4. I'm running FreeNAS and have tried with AFP, SMB and NFS (v3 and v4) and the symptom is the same, the network stack just dies on heavy load. Doesn't even have to be that fast, at 30-40MB/s with many connections, it just take a little while longer until it dies. It's like a buffer fills up and then never get emptied, so it crashes... Did you get a chance to try this with a real Mac? I have a Macbook Air, but it doesn't have a wired connection.
  5. Just to put this to rest i did the following: Installed a fresh version of Yosemite on a fresh disk, then only connected to the NAS and transfered one single large file. This works! It finishes. But... Then i start to copy several files at the same time, large ones - then the network shuts down. I tried with IntelE1000 all versions since 2.4 up to 3.10 - all the same. I tried with Realtek 8111 - all the same. I tried with USB 3.0 Network - All the same. I tried with WiFi Dongle - All the same. And finally i tried to disable on-board network card, same {censored} still - It seems the whole network stack dies when the card is under heavy load with several threads. PS: It's not IPv6, it's completely disabled on OS X and on the NAS. After doing all the tests above and reading about everyone with a real Mac and Macbook having the same problems over at Apple forum, I believe you are completely right.
  6. Over at tonymac86 someone reports that it happens on real Mac's as well, but only if they are wired. WiFi seems to work just fine.
  7. I actually bought a Realtek 8111E chipset network card, but it too shuts off if i transfer large filers form the NAS. Going into sleep then waking the computer up again, seems to work, but it is SO annoying.
  8. I'm also using the AppleIntelE1000e.kext at version 3.1.0 and network speeds have gone from +100MB/s on file transfers from/to the NAS to 31MB/s and if i try to benchmark the network speeds, the card hangs completely with kernel[0]: AppleIntelE1000e(Err): Detected Hardware Unit Hang. Anyone know any solution to the issue? Using latest OS X Yosemite by the way.
  9. 10.9 GM Released.

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately i posted the same at the exact same time
  10. 10.9 GM Released.

  11. Disabling accelleration in the flash player options (right click on video) and it works again, but slower and i can't play 1080P video without severe lag. (Core i5 3,4Ghz)
  12. Same problem here, except it's worse. I get flicker/corrupt flash video, then kernel panic/hang. 10.8.2 - GTX 670 latest drivers. Profile: MacPro 8,1 All tests in GLextensions viewer passes. All tested games work, even Guildwars 2. Makes NO sense, and it's the same corruption/hangs in all browsers. Any suggestions for solutions are welcome, not being able to watch youtube is worse than you'd think!
  13. Triple monitor with GTX670 and Ivy Bridge

    YES! I got 3 screens working with my Gigabyte GTX670!! 1xDVI 2560x1440, 1xDVI 2560x1440, 1xDP 2560x1440 Just install these drivers AFTER 10.8.2 is installed: http://www.nvidia.co...f02-driver.html I even got 15-20FPS better performance in games!
  14. Triple monitor with GTX670 and Ivy Bridge

    I guess i have to live with it, since i only have one PCI-Express slot on this mini-itx motherboard. Thanks for the replies!
  15. Triple monitor with GTX670 and Ivy Bridge

    I have a HD3000 (2500K CPU) and i got it working successfully using the right device ID. - 1 Monitor on HD3000 - 2 monitors on GTX670. I'm having a problem though, in Photoshop HD3000 is choosen by default and i think that games are being run via HD3000 instead of GTX670 because i'm getting huge frame-drops and can run games barely on medium settings.