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  1. A question about Tiger Installation...

    Yes, although Mac OS X is not exactly Linux, its based off Unix (I think) along with Linux, although if you ask me Apple's answer to being open is Darwin. Well then again I can't really say that because I know very little about Darwin besides it being an open version of OS X. But if Mac OS X became open I doubt it would become a malware infested Hellhole like Windows (not saying Windows is horrible but it has its weaknesses). Nontheless I would think it would become sort of a mix between Windows and Linux; it would be nice and open and would be great for developers AND your everyday user. But who can say?
  2. A question about Tiger Installation...

    OK, thanks for giving me a better perspective on this. I know that some of the most simple things that I can do on any other OS may not be avaliable to me on a Hackintosh but I was just curios about it. All of these little things can be very hard to come by, even with the help of Google and the OSx86 Wiki. I also have to agree with you about this community bringing more popularity to Mac software, I mean just look at the iPod Touch and iPhone hacking community! People are now buying iPods just to hack them! What I just do not understand is why don't they just allow any normal user to go out, buy a copy of Mac OS and let them legally install it on a non Apple labeled product? But whatever that should belong in another thread. Anyways, thanks for answering my question and lol @ the other OS!
  3. A question about Tiger Installation...

    Ok, I understood that you can not run a retail DVD on a PC but is it possible to use the Internet without the OS registering itself? I mean I'm fine using it offline but can you point me in the direction of a tutorial explaining how to patch a retail disc (I'm just curious). Thanks for responding though.
  4. First off I would like to say I am pretty new to the OSx86 Project so go easy on me! However I have tried out a hacked MacOS X (10.4.6) on my machine and it worked very well and now I would like to purchase a copy of Mac OS Tiger (or Leopard) so I can register it without getting in trouble. Now (my first question) are all Mac OS X discs normal DVD's or Mac DVD's? And if Mac OS X comes on normal DVD's can I patch them myself or do I have to own a Mac OS Dev kit to do so? Thanks for reading. KOMET