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    Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    Im trying to Install macOS High Sierra on my Intel NUC D34010UWYK 4th Gen i3 4010u HD 4400 Graphics. I keep getting a screen which says macOS could not be installed to this computer please restart and try again?! Ive got my config.plist attatched could someone please take a look and help me out? Im Using Clover r4081 Latest FakeSMC and using Prelinked kernel from this thread but im still getting this error? My SMBIOS is set to MacBook Pro 11,1 so its compatble its 2013 and for High Sierra you need a MacBook Pro 2010 or later? But i havent used the firmware code because it hasnt given me any firmware issues? also my Disk Utility is stuck on the spinning forever, and the Install macOS in the Menu takes like 15 Whole Minues to load and open, even then the whole thing is so darn slow??! Someone please help me out id be extremley gratefull!!!!!!!! it wouldn't let me attach my config s a plist so I typed it out on to an RTF File? config file.rtf