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  1. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Leopard

    Works fine on a Thinkpad R60, detected my Buffalo WLI-CB-G54HP PCMCIA as airport and straight on my wireless network. Thanks very much.
  2. I've setup my R60 to triple boot the procedure I used is here. 1. Installed OSX first, when using Disk Utility I partitioned the drive into 3 partititions, 1st partition Fat32, 2nd partition Mac OS Extended (Journaled), 3rd partition free space. Make sure the drive was set to boot using MBR. Installed Kallyway to the 2nd Partition, with the MBR bootloader set in customize. (Name the partitions so you know what they are). 2. Installed Ubuntu second, when creating the partititions I choose to create manually. I created a root partition and a swap partition in the free space that I left, then finished the install. 3. Installed Vista third, went into advanced when choosing the drive to install to and deleted the FAT32 partition and created a NTFS partition in the left over free space. (Don't delete the EFI partition right at the beginning of the drive) 4. Vista will only boot at this stage, so I installed EasyBCD to alter Windows Boot Loader. Added an new entry for OSX by selecting setting Mac & type Generic X86 PC and named it Apple OS X. The I added an entry for Ubuntu by selecting Linux & type Grub, ticked the box GRUB isn't installed. 5. I deleted the file nst_mac.nbr in the folder NST on Vista's Partition. Copied in chain0 into the same folder and renamed it to nst_mac.mbr Finished, I was able to select any the the 3 operating system from Windows Boot Loader, also EFI boot loader should work fine with OSX. All of them boot the selected operating system with no fuss.