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  1. VMWare Fusion on a Hack?

    I ran VMWare fuzion on my hackintosh Dell 1505 without issue. Oddly, it was only installed because I couldn't get Parallels to do anything but lock up the system. On the flip side, I did have trouble with a real mac using Fuzion yet loved Parallels. And then vica versa on a macbook. Seems its nothing specific, it just either works or doesn't. Haven't tried it on my AMD Hackintosh (A real test of "will it work on a hack") as its currently in random parts. I keep turning up with bad sata drives falling into clicks of death (Not all bought at the same time, not all used on the same machine. *shrugs* Bought from same place, however...) If VMware fails, try Parallels. If Parallels fails, dual boot. If you can't multiboot... get an extra cheap PC or find Mac alternatives to requested software.
  2. Creative Machine Names?

    Yes... I'm a gamer geek. Main Desktop: Stormwind (Pretty much everything, P4 (Soon Core2Duo) WinXP MCE '05/Vista Premium) Secondary: Stromgarde (Old G4 Quicksilver/AMD 3800+ Hackintosh -- Both are currently out of comission.) Media Center: Darnassus (cause its far away, in the living room. WinXP MCE '05) Laptop: Ironforge (Design/Development platform, Dell 1505 Hackintosh) Router: Dalaran (Well defended by an inpenetrable bubble [ACL])
  3. About this Mac Graphics

    Had to add to the list. Couldn't stand seeing the intel Core2Duo icons and such, and wanted some AMD love. MacOSX.tif