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  1. After reboot, nothing works?

    This Forum Sux...Nobody helps on here at all... i just had a few questions that Im sure SOMEONE could help with. Well at least can someone point me to a place where they will help me?>
  2. Okay, I got Tiger installed using Jas installer. Everything seems to be working great and im a happy guy. Then i restart my computer and it boots back into tiger and nothing is working. My synaptics touchpad mouse is not working, my keyboard is not working, my wifi is not working (it was before, just before i restarted, everything worked fine...), and the system just seems to be running slower. I have no idea why everything would work before the restart, but i have tried re-installing and it just does the same exact thing. Works great until restart is called for and then it just goes to hell. Please help my poor soul. I really just wish i had bought a mac... ThanX Btw... here are my specs... My_Computer_Specs.txt
  3. Hi I am sort of new to this and I would love to get Leopard installed on my PC because i am a HUGE apple fan and i was converted just after i bought my PC. Well i found out that it was possible to install Leopard and i have tried but failed plenty of times. I am almost just gonna give up, but i think that this may be my last hope. I am posting an attachment containing my PC Specs and I hope that someone here can help me by showing which install to use and other info i may need in order to make a clean install. BTW i am installing it to an external Hard drive if that makes any difference. I am thanking anyone who helps me in advance because this process is very long and strenuous and i just cannot figure it out. My computer is a 2005 HP Media Center with an AMD Processor. Help is wanted!! My_Computer_Specs.txt

    If anyone has actually installed Leopard on their AMD pc could we please get in contact, because i am having some issues and need assistance. I have a Windows XP AMD Media Center with SSE2 and SSE3. PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!! AIM: HxCxskater13 Email: nginsbach@gmail.com I prefer AIM bc its much easier, but email will work too THANX!!!
  5. Okay i already have a patched dvd for an AMD processor and i can get as far as the installation screen, then i dont know what to do, because my Touch Pad Mouse does not work (usb mouse does) and my Keyboard does not work, (but UsB keyboard does). I have SSE2 & SSE3. My computer is a Windows Media Center 2005 XP with nVIDIA Video Card. I dont know how to get the mouse and keyboard working and thats pretty much all i need i believe. Help is much needed as i am Poor and cannot afford a mac, (and since recently converted from pc to mac, i would love this) THanKs in advance!!! C0L7