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  1. @MaLd0n after a bit of trial and error with vmware on w10 i made a clover bootable usb and fixed the efi folder using only yours by trashing my clover folder and replacing it, what was wrong with my folder that made usb 3.0s and sleep not working?
  2. I tried to put those files in my clover (maybe I had to swap the whole folder) folder but it broke my clover, now I can't boot, I can get into clover, select my drive but when I try to boot the apple comes out, the bar loads and then the screen turns black (not black turned off, black turned on with just no image whatsoever), how can i fix that now? :c
  3. Since when I updated to 10.13.6 (and possibly .5 since i don't use usbs that often) my usb 3.0 drives don't work on usb 3.0 ports or hubs and work only if inserted slowly and get recognized as usb 2.0s in that case (480mb/s in sysinfo) and if i try to put my hackintosh to sleep the screen turns black for a second and then it takes me to the login screen instead of going to sleep, this usb issue happened to me on 10.13.2/3 too, is there a way to fix it ? Thank you CLOVER not working usb 3.0s+ sleep.zip
  4. Done, thank you
  5. I jusst bought a 500gb crucial mx500 to see wheter the slow response of my hackintosh was due to the old 2.5" 500gb wd black hdd that i savaged from a broken laptop at home to install osx the first time but i don't know how to transfer my datas, os, programs and bootloader on the new drive since crucial only shows how to clone the drive but doesn't (obiously) refer to the clover boot partition, how can i do that? and what filesystem should i use? apfs or hfs+? I can also use windows or linux programs since i'm on a triple boot setup
  6. Angelo_

    Come configurare asus ac51usb wifi

    Ciao ho acquistato questo adattatore wifi in quanto sembrava essere compatibile fino a sierra e mi serve per un altro hackintosh in casa non raggiungibile da ethernet e per il prezzo(circa 20€) era meglio degli edimax da 300mbps solo che sto riscontrando dei problemi nel farlo funzionare, ho installato il kext per l'mtk 7610u da qui e installato con kext wizard(manualmente non dava risultati) per poi installare il software di asus solo che quest ultimo non riesco a farlo funzionare dato che si avvia e compare per poco l'iconcina in alto a destra per poi scomparire e non si apre mai l'utility come su windows, qualcuno ha questa o usb simili e sa come sistemare questo problema? osx mi vede l'esistenza di un wifi ma non mi sembra mi dia modo di connettermici in alcun modo. Grazie
  7. what to do with that tho? I might sound stupid but i never worked with ssdts and dsdts
  8. i tried all usbs and all works, but i couldn't know what dsdt.aml was supposed to do, it asked me to intall java, i installed it, i launche dsdt.aml and opened an empty window in dsdt editor and nothing else
  9. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mMZFlI-_ybvBrRtmBueisNooDxq_LTx7 here it is, the site uploader doesn't work yet
  10. It worked, what did you do to fix it?
  11. Doesn't work even on win https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qPNRxRYgzHai2Gk3CiEKReODSMiyXg-Q I uploaded it on gdrive, I hope it's allowed since this site's upload doesn't work.
  12. I can't upload it with any browser, it fails with error 200, i'll try to upload from win