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  1. i don't have it right now since it's my friend's pc but we are going to try again on friday, it usually stopped at hpet after the initialization of mac framework for what i can recall(we tried last week so i'm only sure about the hpet part), we tried many flags but none would help, except that without -x it wouldn't even reach that and just stop at the beginning
  2. the osx-amd version stops at hpet usually, the usual installer reboots the machine after you select high sierra installer in clover
  3. it's not helpful, i didn't ask wheter it was worth or not to do this hackintosh, i know it ain't easy since we spent a couple of evenings trying to figure out how to make it work but he isn't interested in changed build and buying components now unless unable to delay the buy is really stupid since all components prices went crazy(with ram and gpus at twice their cost last year or more)
  4. Hi guys, i'm trying to help a friend of mine trying to install osx(possibly high sierra) on his pc with the following specs: Amd fx8350 Asrock 990fx extreme 3 8gb of fury Kingston ddr3 ram(2x4) Radeon hd 7950 128gb ssd( crucial m550) A couple of hdds I don't remember the brand(maybe a seagate barracuda and a dumb old disk for data) We tried to install it using the regular clover+high showers installer but we couldn't get it to reach the installer, then we tried osx-amd(don't know if i can talk about it there, sorry if i can't) and we still couldn't get to the installer. Is there a guide i can use to install osx in that machin, i tried to search in the forum but i couldn't find it.
  5. usb 3.0s?

    Yeah, i imagined that, thanks for the link, i don't need it but a friend of mine might since he wants to build a hackintosh too.
  6. usb 3.0s?

    i can't find it there but i think it's an intel centrino 2200 wifi bt combo(the bluetooth works, i'm using bluetooth headphones right now) that's on my z87 mpower dedicated slot on the io ports section in the back of the case. zipped the file ioreg, the site doesn't allow ioreg files iMac di Angelo.zip
  7. usb 3.0s?

    Seems to be working fine reboot, shutdown and sleep and all of the normal features(except wifi but i don't need it ) i use on a daily basis, is there anything that might not work that i should test?
  8. usb 3.0s?

    woah it worked, how did you do that? what was the problem with my clover folder?
  9. usb 3.0s?

    sorry for the delay but i've been really busy with school, i tried to add the kext and dsdt from your folder but nothing changed, in the dsdt folder i only have some ssdts before and i didn't have most of those kexts and also the about this mac in the top left corner stopped working now
  10. usb 3.0s?

    i hope it's the right file, i need to get more familiar with that os Send me iMac-di-Angelo.zip
  11. usb 3.0s?

    HI, i've installed high sierra a while ago and never really used it that much but i got bored of w10 so i've decided to use it as my daily driver for a while and i noticed that usb 3.0 ports don't work with usb 3 devices and only with usb 2.0 devices(capped at the 480mb/s limit of usb 2.0), is there a way to get past that? i couldn't find it in this forum, i don't need the speed that much for right now(even tho i might since i shoot in raw and usb 2.0 is slow for file transfer of big photos or videos i take on holidays or on days off) but i'd like to at least be able to use the usb 3.0s with my usb 3 devices and hub. Hope that i write this post correctly, english is not my main language. ps i don't need because i'm on lan but does it exist a driver/kext for intel wifi/bluetooth combo integrated in my z87 mpower(centrino 2200) ? bluetooth works already.
  12. Salve, ho presumibilmente cliccato su aggiorna(nell'app store mentre facevo altro) e poi al riavvio non funzionando audio e ethernet ho riaggiornato config.plist e rimesso driver ethernet(anche se potrei averne messo uno di troppo in others nella cartella kexts) e ora da clover non mi avvia quello o la funzione hdd di ripristino, qualche idea per risolvere?
  13. Non riesco ad arrivare all'installer(sierra)

    hai idea di come distinguere le porte sata? ho connesso tutti i drive alle prime 4 in basso della mia mobo(z87 mpower) (e sata xpress non era un altro connettore?) ho seguito la guida nella firma di gengik abilitando in più kernelpm e spostandomi su una porta usb2.0 ma cambia da pc a pc cosa fare dipendentemente dai componenti
  14. Non riesco ad arrivare all'installer(sierra)

    non usavo capitan, ora cerco quelli più adatti ma mi succede una cosa strana, il lettore cd/dvd si apre continuamente senza motivo in osx
  15. Non riesco ad arrivare all'installer(sierra)

    Ce l'ho fatta, ora devo solo capire cosa fare per connetterlo a internet e tutto il resto