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  1. Vista makes us work a lot more but its possinle to have OS X/Vista on the same partition. I had such partition scheme and it was working perfectly.
  2. XFX GeForce 7600 GT AGP

    Hi there. I've got this card just a few days ago, and I was very excited about that. Following the HCL I realized that the XFX GeForce 7600 GT AGP was (supposedly) compatible but I can't get this crapy card working. I've tried this method (more info) but everything I have is a black screen. As you can see my DevID is 0x02e0. I've tried everything but I see no success with it, even I've tried what it is on the HCL: Hope someone with the same card has had success! Thanks in advance
  3. PowerColor X1600 Pro AGP 512mb

    I have a Powercolor X1650 Pro 512 MB AGP (0x71cd) and I've tried all the methods I could find. Has anybody had success with an ATI X1X00 series? I see no solution but buying another card
  4. GARAGE BAND 6 quicktime error

    The same here. I can't create podcasts neither. What about you?
  5. Hello! I installed GarageBand 3, and some extras like loops, instruments and MIDI sounds. Everything installed perfectly. When I launch GarageBand, a dialog box comes on , this dialog allows you to create some types of projects (songs, soundtracks for iMovie, Podcasts, etc.). When I want to create a Podcast episode, GarageBand asks me for the location and the name of the file I want create. When I click on Create it just returns to the main dialog and I can't create podcasts. In addition, I can't open the preferences pane. All other features are OK Anybody with the same prob? Cheers
  6. ShapeShifter didn't work for me : . I use build 1111f. It installs but can't run. A message warning appears Any other alternatives for changing themes on OS X X86?
  7. Non-torrent URL pls.

    I think it's gonna be a bit hard to find a non-torrent site. Have you ever tried eMule / eDonkey?. That's a good option. Cheers
  8. Non-torrent URL pls.

    Hi, I didn't know 10.4.4 was available yet Could you sahre the page you found it on please? I'm going to look for a non-torrent url
  9. need help please

    I just installed OS X on a 40 gb hd, P4 3.2 Ghz HT (SS3 Support), Motherboard has Intel chipset and it's compatible. I used the marklar Tiger image, patched and burn it. Everything went ok, but at the end of the installation, when a countdown (25 secs) for rebooting appears, the pc just freeze. If I push the reset button, it seems to be ok. Once, maybe twice, the country selection rolleyes screen came up, but the mouse and keyborad were unavailable. I was reading that a USB Keyboard is needed. I'll try so. Does anybody have any idea about the "frozen" stage of the install. Thank you all Cheers