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  1. twf1985

    Ryzen Kernel

    Had a feeling you might say something like that.. For my purposes, I would only want to install macOS inside a virtual machine. What are the steps to take what people are using now and convert it into something people can install in something like VMWare? EDIT: I don't mean specifically (although I wouldn't mind that) what steps, more a general, "You would need to a, b, and then c" kind of a thing. I don't even know why there has to be a special build for VM-installs, but that has been my experience.
  2. twf1985

    Ryzen Kernel

    Shouldn't the AMD project be forked in two at this point? I get what you're saying, but Ryzen is a totally new architecture. For years, AMD didn't make any major advancements, so I can see why Hackintosh kernel developers would have followed what you're saying. We're past that now with Ryzen, so there should be a pre-Ryzen AMD kernel and a post-Ryzen kernel. They shouldn't be one in the same. That's asking WAY too much of people like Bronya, and it will invariably impact user experience on both ends of the spectrum. Which is exactly what we're seeing now, with users of chips like the A10 or the FX-6300 reporting issues with the kernel that Bronya seemed to be developing for Ryzen. Which is why I am so confused.
  3. twf1985

    Ryzen Kernel

    Okay, I can appreciate both of those perspectives.. Yet, it sounds as if Bronya is making adjustments to the kernel as he goes along to account for the FX processors. Wouldn't it be better to get the kernel fully optimized for Ryzen, and then make allowances/adjustments for legacy CPUs?
  4. twf1985

    Ryzen Kernel

    I've been trying to follow the progress on the current Ryzen kernel being developed by Bronya and Co, and I keep seeing people say that it's "not working" for FX processors. This is very, very confusing to me. The two architectures are so different from one another, why would anyone expect the same kernel to work on them both? I surprised some people are having success at all, given things like the SenseMI tech, so it seems to me that trying to get one kernel to work on non-Ryzen systems is counterproductive. I have a feeling I'm just not understanding something basic, and rather than post (again) in the development thread, I hoped someone would take pity on me and answer here. Thank you in advance for reading/replying.
  5. I'm confused.. Why are you guys talking about testing the Ryzen kernel on non-Ryzen systems? Or am I missing something?
  6. I only read the first few pages, and then glossed over every other page. Seemed to me that Giga has had the most success thus far, and I believe he thanked people other than Bronya. I didn't see any screens directly from Bronya, so I was giving credit elsewhere to those who seemed to help aide in the development of the working kernel (i.e. reason for this thread). If you're busting my balls, I guess you got me, otherwise I was attempting to make my introduction as politely as possible
  7. Hello all! I must say, I am very impressed that some folks have managed to get OSX working on Ryzen this quickly. I figured there wouldn't be anything for 6-12 months.. My previous foray into the AMD/Hackintosh realm was a very frustrating experience. Tried for about a week, but I was never able to achieve 1080p resolution or 3d acceleration. Afterwards, I resolved to make my next primary workstation Intel-based. But then Ryzen was released.. Can't say I'm much of a fan of the Mac. Could be that I'm so used to Windows that everything only feels counter intuitive, but it's slowly growing on me. I bought an Intel-based laptop last year, and now have a macOS installation running inside VMWare with zero issues. I use it exclusively for web design and development to test projects in Safari (and Xcode > Mobile Safari). Based on what I've read here, would it be possible for a VM-based Hackintosh within the next 3 months, or is that time frame too optimistic? Major kudos to Bronya, Spakk, and Giga.. and whomever else I'm forgetting Stellar job so far! PS. Bronya, I saw your post early on about being in a tough spot, and plan to throw you some "gifts" (not sure what that means) if your kernel leads to a successful macOS/Sierra VM-install