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  1. From Recovery/Terminal (Macintosh HD - your disk name) # v="/Volumes/Macintosh HD" # cd "$v"/Library/Extensions# rm -rf GeForce*# rm -rf NVDA*# touch .# cd "$v"/System/Library/Extensions# rm -rf GeForce*Web*# touch . # kextcache -u "$v"# reboot From Desktop $ sudo su# cd /Library/Extensions# rm -rf GeForce*# rm -rf NVDA*# touch .# cd /System/Library/Extensions# rm -rf GeForce*Web*# rm -rf NVDA*Web*# touch .# kextcache -u /# exit$ reboot Reinstall previous drivers that worked.
  2. User_01

    El Capitan installs but won't boot

    If you made an usb stick with El Capitan and booted and installed from it to your hard drive, don't forget that you need to boot from it twice so that the installation completes.
  3. User_01

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    That's the"annoying" thing! I've never had any errors (kernel panics) like this before. And I've run successfully OS X from 10.6 to 10.10 (and I might add 10.11 DB1-DB3) on this Hac (PC) (just one hardware change, new graphics card; old was 9800 GT). (It's as close to a Mac Pro 4,1 as it can be.) Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my post. Didn't modify any kext. All are stock. Unless Apple modified/changed something from DB3 to DB4 (which probably happened). Tried with/without dsdt in Extra. Same thing. dsdt was created in Yosemite with MaciASL (no errors/warnings). Anyway, if you say is not a boot loader thing, I'll look in other more appropriate threads. Thanks.
  4. User_01

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Hey guys, Can someone help me with this kernel panic? Running 10.11 DB5. Tried the last 3 Enoch's revisions but no luck. I've upgraded from 10.10.4 with success. Got the DB2 update, worked fine, then the DB3, same thing, then after DB4 kernel panic. Since I had the boot loader on usb stick, I've plugged the hd to my iMac (27-late 2013). Removed the kexts for my Hac (from S/L/E), which basically where just 3, FakeSMC, VoodooHDA and AppleIntelE1000e (all the most recent versions), and booted from this hd on iMac. Updated to DB5 (I thought maybe will fix the error this way), installed the kexts again, used Kext Utility 2.6.4 to rebuild cache and hooked the hd back to my Hac (PC). Same kernel panic like in DB4. My specs - signature. Thanks to anyone who could help, point me in the right direction, to fix it.
  5. If using a proper patched dsdt.aml file you don't need those kexts anymore. If you use them you'll not have native power management. FOR EXTRACTING AND PATCHING YOUR OWN DSDT FILE, USE DSDT EDITOR/PATCHER (El Coniglio) (IS INCLUDED IN THE PACK ABOVE (#234))! WORKS FOR 10.5 (LEOPARD) 10.6 (SNOW LEOPARD) 10.7 (LION) 10.8 (MOUNTAIN LION)! (delete any previous dsdt file, install the "3kexts" from pack to System/Library/Extensions, reboot, extract/patch the dsdt file, copy it to Extra folder, delete the "3kexts" from System/Library/Extensions, reboot)
  6. MLion 10.8 all you need pack! Enjoy! FakeSMC.kext - 4.2.5 dsdt.aml - Bios 5599 and "vanilla" dsdt.aml - no patch (audio, orange icon etc) - Bios 5599 You can update Chameleon to r2012 with Chameleon Wizard. (works) MLion108pack.zip dsdt.aml.zip
  7. I don't think it has anything to do with the CPU itself. After all it's a similar Quad-Core (Bloomfield) CPU like W3520 (used by Apple in MacPro4,1), which is the equivalent of i7 920 (Desktop), only at a higher frequency, 3.2GHz (W3565; also used by Apple in MacPro5,1). So, this is not the issue for sure! Now, i see, you are using the 5200 BIOS (correct if i'm wrong!). If you are using my dsdt.aml file, which was made (extracted/patched) from the latest 5561 BIOS, i'd suggest you upgrade to 5561. (Even if you are using just OS X Lion.) Or, extract/patch your own (use DSDT Editor/Patcher). Regarding the OS X M Lion issue, install the "3kexts" (pack) to S/L/E and delete any dsdt file that you are using for OS X 10.8 (M Lion). See if it boots this way. Recommended boot loader Chameleon 2.1svn r1820! Also use a smbios.plist for MacPro5,1, maybe it helps even more. (the one in the pack is for MacPro4,1) If it boots, then create your own dsdt.aml file, and use the patches in the "Patches" folder (you can do this in Windows also; same way). Delete the "3kexts" afterwards. Report. (recommended way to be doing this is on an empty "small" (hard) disk) (all necessary files (except smbios.plist MacPro5,1) are in the 10.8 DP2 pack)
  8. 10.7.4 11E46 pack! (beta build) 1074pack.zip
  9. OS X M Lion 10.8 DP2 pack! 108pack DP2.zip
  10. I guess you got confused because of this: when i posted the "files", the megaupload site worked. I "explained" what "needed files" were at the end of the tutorial: 2. needed files > http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WWBOWW0R OR http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U1656VAJ first link is the 1064pack and the second one is for 1065pack. Both are needed files! I kept the "needed files" name in tutorial, not reffering to the needed files pack (old pack) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OFU3UXOX , used here: "To generate your ... " 1064pack and the newer one 1065pack were created at 10.6.4 update and respective 10.6.5 update point in time. There was no need for others till 10.6.8 update. Settings: default with AHCI enabled. Always better to extract and patch your own dsdt file! since i see you got a different version of i7 (that matters) Video: try GraphicsEnabler=Yes or without it; should work OOB with 10.6.8 or 10.7.x
  11. I'm didn't test it, because i don't use it (not really sure it works). With what did you extract the old dsdt file and what patches were applied to it? What was the "combo" you used for audio with that dsdt (kexts)?
  12. OS X M Lion 10.8 pack! Enjoy! 108pack.zip
  13. User_01

    First tries

    It might be your video card...
  14. User_01

    First tries

    Chameleon 2.1svn r11xx and up, doesn't use com.apple.boot.plist anymore.
  15. User_01

    First tries

    Use -v flag at boot. Post a pic if you can.