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    10.10 bootloader

    Thanks! I got my redemption code and will try this later.
  2. I moved my Hack's boot drive to a real Mac, booted it, and signed into iMessage straight away. I moved it back to the Hackintosh and it immediately stopped working. Of course, it worked fine last week. I played with different accounts, serials, Apple IDs, etc., to no avail. What sucks is I bought the wife a Macbook Pro for xmas, and we won't be able to iMessage each other. Heaven forbid we have to speak to each other in meatspace.
  3. Bicster

    zotac ion-gpu-a-e-ion 512mb + OSX(hackintosh) = ?

    Did you try it? I'm on the verge of buying one, because my new build has only one slot > x1, which I need for my SAS controller. Thanks!