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  1. realise this is actualy rev5 vt2021
  2. im gettign a contant key repeat rate even on capslock by this i mena if i hodl caps lock down it will turn on and of rapidly even with key repeat rate turned of in system prefrences usb keybaord perixx px-1000 also test on trust usb keyboard i havent tested with dsdt in place as of yet btu i cant see that chanign anything any helpw ith this issue will be greatly aprciated as it is highyl; annoyign and i need to fidn a fix before i take a shotgun to my pc lols
  3. Hi there Guys im wondering if and hopefully without to much trouble i can run 10.8.4 on this hardware setup as i need it to run logic pro x which a friend boght me not realizing i don't own a mac anymore haha Specs are as follows: AMD FX-6300 Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 Not sure which rev but could find out if you need to know 4GB Corsair Vengeance RAM DDR3 1600mhz Sapphire Tech HD7770 GHz Edition also have a atheros based wireless usb card but im pretty sure that isnt support in osx or hackintosh it is a tp-link tl-wn722n Thanks in advance for your help guys and if i can install anyone willing to guide me through the install process i will be greatly apriciative
  4. I need to edit my zephroth amd iso so thaqt it supports my sata drivers btu i can fidn a program thaty will work properly the 2 i have foudnt hat can read the iso are magic iso it can read the HFS+ part with all tghe apple stuff but misses the dos stuff of for bootign the disk emphersis it save the disk as non bootable the other is poweriso it reads everythign perfectly but wont let me edit the iso to add the things i need to add in can any oen suggest how i can edit this iso in windows thank you
  5. Hey there i need to get some drivers for m,y ati SB600 sata drivers are a main thing and some ps/2 drivers for my keybaord but i need to get them ontot he disk as well i dfoudn a slight fix for the sata drivers btu im a bit of a noob and would need help with it can any oen tell em how i can get these into zepheroths amd install disk and if they can help me witht he work aroudn for the SB600 thanks alot ben PS applogies abotu typign servearly dyslexic / drunk atm
  6. can i use thuis kext file through the cd cos i need the install cd to boot with sata support conciderign tis runnign of an sata dvd drive
  7. right i have 2 main problems started out as one untill my dvd drive just died lol I have a 4 tera raid sata system Now brand new DVD RAm drive sata and ps2 keyboard on my origanel dvd drive the instalelr loaded fine got past the preaperign insatlatio ONCE but i made a copck up and clciked disk startup and not disk utility "damn bad eye sight" THen it stop bottign pas prepearign isnatllation and it woudl hang on prepaerign for ages and return an error log cudnt udnerstand thios till my dvd drive eventialy died so i assume that was the problem now i have a new sata dvddrive and it will get so far into darwin then say sumthing liek locatign root system or root drive sumamt liek that and wotn egt passed it im assumign thta because it cant seem to find any sata drives inclduign my hdd hense i have put my odl ide hdd in also but i need to try and get my sta workign any plans also i need my ps2 keybaord to wrok in it as well my system setup is DFI Infinity CFXM2/G AMD Athlon X2 4800+ brisbane core sse3 1 gig of ram ATI HD2600 pro (isnt sure if thats supported) Realtek HD Audio onboard RT73 Based wireless card USB mouse Ps/2 keyboard 8 500 gig sata seagate barcudas 1 sata DVD-RAM/ROM/Multi writer 1 200 gig ide hdd 1 ide cd-RW drive all help will be apriciated And again applogies abotu typign / spelling