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  1. hello , ok now I use OpenCore with last macOS 10.15.5 so is this well work or no I did make clone my OS macOS 10.15.5 from M.2 4TB to ssd 2TB then I upgrade the macOS 10.15.5 from my friend Mac laptop to 11.0 beta also mound the EFI and I add the file OpenCore I change config to <key>NVRAM</key> <dict> <key>Add</key> <dict> <key>4D1EDE05-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B38C14</key> <dict> <key>DefaultBackgroundColor</key> <data>AAAAAA==</data> <key>UIScale</key> <data>Ag==</data> </dict> <key>7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82</key> <dict> <key>SystemAudioVolume</key> <data>Rg==</data> <key>boot-args</key> <string>keepsyms=1 slide=1 alcid=7 -lilubetaall</string> <key>booter-fileset-basesystem</key> <data>AA==</data> <key>booter-fileset-kernel</key> <data>AA==</data> </dict> </dict> not working with 11.0 , also I add ur file config not working only work both file config with old MacOs 10.15.5 config.plist
  2. sorry never tested with opencore , am using clover , is there convert from clover to opencore ? thanks
  3. Hello ... its work with my Motherboard Asus TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING (WI-FI) ?
  4. hello someone can help me! am using clover with Catalina 10.15.5 someone can convert it to OpenCore ? my file