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  1. Hey everyone. Im stuck trying to get my HDD to be recognized. The error I get is "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." My setup is an ASUS P6T, i7 920 @ 2.67ghz, 6gb ram, 4 750 sata HDDs, Pioneer DVD-RW, nVidia 8600gt (temp card till I get more money). I plan on raiding win7 and duel booting. I have the Snow leopard installed on one drive that is in Port0. It installed onto the HDD but I cant get it to show the little icon on the desktop. I plan on using a External thumb (512mb) drive to boot up using chameleon so I can pick between SL and win7 (raided in stripe). Any suggestions on what I might be doing incorrectly? Ive previously installed tiger, and leopard on a different system so I have an idea on what's going on but Im wondering if I overlooked something. Here is what i have selected in my bios (v 0603) Main>Storage Configuration Configure SATA as [RAID] HD write Protect [Disabled] ide Detect timeout (sec) [35] Ai tweaker everything is AUTO and I have Intel speedstep tech ENABLED and Intel Turbo mode ENABLED. ADVANCED>Onboard Devices Configuration J-micron eSATA/PATA controller [Enabled] Controller Mode [AHCI] Boot>Boot Device Priority 1st: Raid WDC (my port 0 Hdd) 2nd: Removeable Device 3rd: IDE:Pioneer DVD-RW 4th: Disabled Boot>Hard disk Drives 1st: Raid:WDC (Port0 drive) 2nd: Raid:WDC (Port1 drive) 3rd: Raid: Intel Win7 (Port3 & Port4) 4th: USB:Sandisk Cruzer (Thumbdrive 512mb) Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS my audio isnt working but I havent even tried to tackle that yet I want to get the install on correctly. Thanks and great guides so far!