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  1. Yes, it works for me.... X1600 (71c2), OS 10.6.3 Only 32 bit. It looks like Apple doesn't have 64bit drivers 4 this card. I had to add ID's to ATIRadeonX1000 plist. Since I was stuck on 1024x768, with mouselag I suspected ATIFramebuffer so I replaced the original one from apple with the one from 3rr0rists's X1600 drivers. And everything works like a charm..... QE/CI/CA
  2. Hi. It seems 2 work for my X1600 71c2. Only thing I'm stuck at 1024x786 pixels and VLC does produce a black screen. Any way around this? OS: 10.6.3
  3. same problem here. is there another way to find that value? Thanks.
  4. bogdan

    [How To]Radeon X1600 (71c0-71c5) in SL 32/64Bit

    Try this: http://3rr0rists.com/macintosh/radeon-x160...ow-leopard.html it's been working for me
  5. bogdan

    Semi-Official Intel DP35DP board thread

    there are some kexts to recognize IDE out there. I think Jmicron or AppleIntelPIIXATA should help you with that. Here is a link for the later: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=88335
  6. bogdan

    [How To]Radeon X1600 (71c0-71c5) in SL 32/64Bit

    Well, it did not work for me. I've got 71c2 but while trying to load the kexts it give some orrors like "vtable __ZTVN10ATI ....." and 0xdc008016 ...
  7. bogdan

    Semi-Official Intel DP35DP board thread

    Hi! I have now a system based on this board with Intel E6750, ATI X1600 card and a cheap Lan card. Right now it has Leopard 10.5.4 installed (Originaly 10.5.2, than update to 10.5.3, 10.5.4 and the latest security patch) using efiv8 and original kernel. Works quite stable since april or march this year. Whish I knew a way to make sleep work.
  8. Well, about sleep: I have installed Leopard on a Compaq C500 *C559ef using BrazilMac *when [APCI power prompt]answerd "n", evrthing except battery meter, wireless worked out of the box, including sleep...
  9. bogdan

    Installing Leopard

    Thanks ToH!!! Success using: MB Foxconn 945PL7AC, with AC97 *ALC850, Hiss Ati X1600, 2 GB DDR2, 500 GB HDD, LG DVDRW *IDE Install worked fine using Toh RC2; than used BrazilMac postinstal script, for AC97 used macgirl's driver, for X1600 used Natit-auto and modified ATIX1000 Kext with HW Id, onboard Lan (some realtek) worked out of the box.
  10. bogdan

    X1400 Quartz enabled?

    Wich method did you use? Toh or BrasilMac?
  11. here is the torrent: [No it isn't, 'cause we don't do that here..] Edited for torrent.