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  1. I have come up with one problem. I want to use Automator to download a files from specific URL's which are located on mega.cz server (The same like dropbox). So far i configured Automator as i need, but it's dead end for me when it comes to the file download. Files are stored on Megaupload server (www.mega.cz) and i don't know which task should i use in automator so it starts downloading the file on that specific server. Here in the picture You can see where I am stuck. In that Url https://mega.cz/#...... is a .rar type of file. I Guess that it can't just understand what to download, becouse if i open that link in a browser it shows options like these. (Picture 2.) I have tried all logical tasks in automator after a script where it filters Url's , but so far no success. Maybe someone has an idea how to download these files. Thanks.