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    TimeMachine fails backup

    Friends, first of all, I would like to thank everybody that has posted and let me build my own hackintosh with success. I battled through the weekend but I think I finally made it. Time Machine was becoming my achiles heel. For those of you that had no success with that "axttr" method. I tried that method and successfully removed the apple.quarantine but still my time machine would not backup. Here is what I did: ---->right click on time machine disk on desktop and press eject. ---->then I went to applications/utilities/disk utility and searched for time machine disk (grayed out) and erased the drive to HFS (Journaled) and rename the drive to Time Machine. ---->After that i went to time machine preferences and select change disk and selected the new drive. The timeout to backup started, and guess what.. it Worked!! =) Never posted before, but I hope it helps.