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  1. Chameleon Install: Infinite Reboot Loop

    I was having this problem when attempting to upgrade to Chameleon 2 RC3 on a GUID-partitioned drive. Chameleon 1 worked fine, but any version of Chameleon 2 rebooted before even hitting the GUI. The problem was resolved by using Munky's Guide to reformat my 200 MB EFI partition as HFS+, and then putting the stage 2 boot loader ("boot") and /Extra on this partition instead of on the OS X partition. I used fdisk to mark the EFI partition as active, and then ran gpt_sync to make sure the GPT partition table matched the MBR table. I'm not sure if the gpt_sync step was necessary, but it's served me well in the past. Anyway, by having the 2nd stage boot loader on the EFI partition instead of on my OS X partition, Chameleon 2 RC3 works like a charm.
  2. Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

    UPDATE: although I was able to get my Apple Bluetooth keyboard working with the IOGear GBU311 adapter as per my post above, as soon as I added a Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse I started experiencing frequent (several times per minute) connection drops of either the mouse, the keyboard or both. I decided to spring for a D-Link DBT-122 and, lo-and behold, no more connection drops. My take-away from this is that the DBT-122 is the way to go for the Apple wireless input devices.
  3. Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

    I was having this exact problem until I switched to a different Bluetooth adapter. With the new adapter the pairing worked flawlessly the first time and seems to be working solidly since then. I am on vanilla 10.5.6 using PC EFI 9. The (working) adapter I'm using is the IOGear GBU311W6. My previous adapter (the one that didn't work) was an IOGear BT 1.1 dongle (don't know the exact model number). It seems as though people have good results with the D-Link DBT-122 as well (see Google). I should point out that I didn't have to swap out any kexts or install any USB fixes or anything else suggested online in order to get this to work. Simply swapping out the BT adapter did the trick. I didn't even need to reboot. Good luck!
  4. Audio support for SigmaTel 9274D (BadAxe2)?

    Diogan, which sound card are you using and did you need to add any special .kexts to support it? I have a BadAxe2 and have also been waiting for mute and (especially) audio in support. Thanks!
  5. Nvidia G92 (8800GT) support in 10.5.2

    I believe that all 512MB 8800 GTS cards use the G92 core. The G80 core is used in 640MB and 320MB 8800 GTS cards.