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  1. Jofkos

    [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    Same problem as Tusskan but with an 390x. My current workaround: enabled iGPU and made it primary (the only way I found that get's me behind that loading apple) That's not too bad. The only thing that is a bit irritating is that I've no image until login screen and a fourth internal screen is recognized... Any idea to "turn that screen off" or, even better, patch it for standalone run without internal gpu?
  2. Jofkos

    [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    I'm using this patch for my MSI Radeon R9 390X 8GB (DP, HDMI, DVI-DL, DVI-DL): Until now it worked flawlessly as I was using two dvi screens. Now I got an active display port to dvi converter to use three screens. But that third screen only works, when I turn it on after startup. If it's already on, I get three blank screens (but with signal). My clover settings: Anyone an idea what I'm doing wrong? Could it be the DisplayPort control flags? Which one do I have to use? UPDATE: My monitors: BenQ: 1920x1080@60Hz Lifetec/Medion: 1280x1024@75Hz Samsung: 1920x1080@60Hz When using this monitor setup it works with the default framebuffer: DP: Lifetec HDMI: DVI: BenQ DVI: Samsung BUT this makes the Lifetec monitor to my "main" monitor as it's the first connector. (Even if the BenQ one is marked as main) This setup works with Baladi, but one of the dvi monitors has to be turned off. On boot, I only get one dvi monitor, when I turn the second one, the display port monitor also gets an image. (Before the dvi one is recognized as CRT display-type in IORegistry and is blank) DP: BenQ HDMI: DVI: Lifetec DVI: Samsung I'd like to get the second setup working, but I don't really know where the difference to the first setup is. Okay, new idea: Where is the default FrameBuffer saved? So I could simply modify it's port order.
  3. Thank you for all the answers... The thing that finally worked, was Jon@Quick Web Gems' suggestion. (increasing the memory voltage by 0.1v)
  4. Hello everyone, I not sure since when, but i think since the update to 10.11.1/2 i'm getting kernel panics quite often. Here's an example: http://pastebin.com/UjUmGWDp What could be the reason? I'm been running MemTest86 without any error so it doesn't seems like a ram related issue. Is there someone out there that is able to explain what that "panic report" tries to tell me? Any help would be appreciated
  5. Got it working plugin in only one screen.
  6. I tried to update to 10.11.1 using the mac app store. When my hackintosh tries to 'restart', it never terminates the shutdown process and hangs in a black screen. What am i doing wrong?
  7. I recently build my first hackintosh. Most things are working, but i still have OpenCL issues in FileZilla and some other programs. FileZilla looks like this: and prints that error: I also get similar rendering glitches in the IntelliJ floobits plugin, though i'm not sure it's an OpenCL issue. Any idea what the problem could be? Btw. if it's a framebuffer related issue, i took the r9 290x configuration out of the AMD GPU Injector tool and modified it following this tutorial
  8. Jofkos

    AMD Radeon GPU Injector tool

    Thank you for this nice tool! I tried to patch it myself but now i finally got my MSI R9 390x working with 2xDVI using the 'R9 290x' configuration.