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  1. El Capitan Skylake USB

    Thanks for this USB installer - just simply took out my old Mac OS X HD from my old EP35 DS3L Hackintosh and swapped it into my new i7 Gigagbyte Z-170-HD3P rig - it booted up with no problems. I've now made a 17,1 iMac system configuration with clover configurator in preparation for Sierra's arrival. Hope there's going to a be a tool for that!
  2. Enable TRIM on non-Apple SSD

    Applied with the Clover Configurator - TRIM is enabled on my Crucial BX100 Anyone know if TRIM will continue to function as OS X Yosemite receives updates using this Clover patching method?
  3. MAC OS X Yosemite Beta 1,2,3 Hackintosh Guide

    Thanks for this guide, Yosemite from the App Store up and running on Intel C2D Gigabyte EP35-DS3L & Nvidia 9800GT.
  4. OpenEMu v1.0 released - classic gaming on OS X

    More good news - OpenEmu will include a Dolphin emulator core in the main release at some point.
  5. OpenEMu v1.0 released - classic gaming on OS X

    You can file an issue report on Github where the application is hosted - some solutions for controller problems can be found there.
  6. Check this out if you are into retro gaming - multi system emulation under one application: http://openemu.org Some more in game shots here
  7. Success - OLD SCHOOL GA-EP45-UD3P

    I used the 'myHack installer USB installer' application found on this forum with the 'install.esd' extracted from Mavericks application installer downloaded from the Mac App Store via Mountain Lion. I copied my old dsdt, smbios and chameleon.org.plist, from previous Mountain Lion install into the Extra folder on the USB installer. Rebooted and ran the usb installer, and did not remove any of the three kexts myHack recommended to remove. After the install completed, I booted back into Mountain Lion. I copied the dsdt, smbios etc from the installer usb into the Extra folder of Mavericks and placed the fakesmc.kext into system/library/extensions folder of Mavericks, then used an application called 'kext wizard' to rebuild and fix permissions on this folder. Restarted and booted into Mavericks, and everything working great. EP35-DS3L, 9800GT 8GB, Intel C2DE8400
  8. Success - OLD SCHOOL GA-EP45-UD3P

    Mavericks also working fine on the venerable EP35 DS3L, purchased in 2008.
  9. ALC 888 for ML 10.8.3

    Your guide worked for me, except I needed the applehda.kext from below: http://www.osx86.net...osx_10.8.2.html Motherboard: EP35-DS3L I also had to use some kind of kext tool to fix permissions and rebuild the kernel cache the use the terminal command. The terminal command alone wouldn't process the hdaenabler.kext, saying it was 'not authentic'. Thanks, internal sound now working!
  10. Nice guide, confirmed working with GIGABYTE EP35-DS3L, E8400 core2duo and 9800GT. Interesting that on first boot, there was no graphics acceleration. I removed the enabler options in the chameleon plist and then used an EFI string created with an old application called EFI studio, booted - it worked. Next, I booted again, and now the system would not boot to desktop, stuck on a grey screen. I then removed the EFI string and renabled the "graphics enabler=Yes" option, and the next boot, everything works perfectly now, including graphics acceleration.
  11. Would it be better to say that the Hackintosh is nearing it's end due to the lack of a new Mac Pro model?
  12. Had exactly the same problem since 10.6.2 - with my 9800 GT; http://netkas.org/?p=315 check comment 118, tried this and problem solved, smooth animations returned.
  13. Speakers Popping

    Hi, I had the same experience using the method you described, with the EP35 DS3L. I gave up and bought a cheap USB audio dongle, which works real nice with no patching, hacks or extra kexts required.
  14. Also works perfectly with qe and ci on my 10.5.5 boot 132 system with my new Leadtek PX 9800GT 512mb !!! No special kext installers or injectors required, only EFI Studio, selecting 8800GT 512 mb option, doesn't matter that 9800 is not listed as an option (the 9800gt is very similar to the 8800gt). You can also edit the string to show your card is a 9800gt in your system profiler. Thanks dude! 10.5.5 Boot 132 E8400 EP35 DS3L 2GB RAM Leadtek 9800gt 512MB
  15. RELEASE 10.5.5

    Success but I had to mess around with the graphics kexts I had previously installed. I guess the update had overwritten my previously modified Nvidia kexts. Updated from 10.5.4 with Apple Combo Update 10.5.5 resulting in broken install and my system failed to boot up as usual. I managed to eventually boot in safe mode -x -v -f and reinstalled my nvidia kexts using nvidia universal installer, edited device id's and repairing permissions as usual. After this, no problems booting up and system updated to 10.5.5 ! I also had to repatch my apple HDA with Taruga's patcher to get sound working again. 10.5.5 Retail Leopard Vanilla via Boot 132 Method Kaly's Chameleon Boot Loader; Elastic ISO Kexts used in Extras Folder Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHZ 2GB Ram Gigabyte EP35-DS3L 6800GS with Nvidia Universal Installer EFI Studio strings