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  1. Does darkwake=0 also fix the Firewire issue after sleep?
  2. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Wow, Thanks! Do you have some donation paypal?
  3. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hi MaLd0n! Can you patch the latest F8 Bios of my Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3? Thanks! P.S. which edits do you do know? GA_Z68X_UD4_B3_F8.zip
  4. SSD disk, shows as ATA and no TRIM?

    Thanks, I'll try!
  5. SSD disk, shows as ATA and no TRIM?

    Anything to do after TRIM support enabled? Format SSD and reinstall from an other hd?
  6. SSD disk, shows as ATA and no TRIM?

    I have also TRIM support: No
  7. Which settings do you have in the BIOS when you OC your k CPU? Prefferable for Gigabyte Mobo. Want to try a little OC.
  8. Try to set it to standard+Startup after power failure.
  9. Which Bluetooth adapter?
  10. Anybody get SLEEP to work?

    Try the standard settings + Restart after power failure.
  11. FYI: EyeTV recordings on SATA, OSX on SSD

    Yes, it's an USB variant of Elgato receiver. Archive on SATA doesn't work. Which kext do you load for SATA? I have only fakesmc, ACPIMonitor and IntelCPUmonitor in /E/E Should i also load SuperIOFamily? It's on Lion, didn't test yet on SnowLeopard.
  12. Thanks! Wich Bluetoot adapter do you use?