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  1. Yes it is probably that, I wasn't able to use the 0x3E9B0007 in 10.13.6. I think support for coffeelake on 10.13 is only on the built for last macbookpro.. Can you tell me how you check for metal/opencl HEVV H264..? I don't really know how to, I just check "about this Mac", check transparency, memory, glitch and Geekbench. I don't really need it ut I'm waiting too and it is a big subject actually, will those driver arrive one day? For now I have a little GT 740 which work OOB but I think about buying a new one, and it's appear that AMD is now the good choice for direct support on Mac OS X. Shame, I prefere Nvidia..
  2. Hello Everybody, I was able to make the patch for correct port type with UHD 630. Be aware that I d'ont know if everyone need to use it. But since all graphics relate are manage by whatevergreen/llilu, there is a new way to change port type. You will find those patch in my uploaded config.plist, in device/properties. More info to make your own at : CLOVER(v2Mojave).zip
  3. Hi Radius, just to let you know that if you are using a coffee Lake CPU with Mojave, then my patch is not the best way because it only patch the Kabylake FrameBuffer Since Mojave (and 10.13.6) have new support for CoffeLake with dedicated CoffeLake Frame Bufer (AppleIntelCFLGrphicsFrameBuffer in System/Library/Extension). better to use it, hear it's how : Normally, to use the UHD 630 on CoffeLake with Mojave you need : - last version of clover - Last version of whatevergreen and lilu. (really important) - No more graphics kext relate as intelgraphicfixup or nvidiafixup (replace with new whatevergreen/Lilu) Then in config.plist : - no need for intelGFX fake id (replace with whatevergreen/Lilu) - no addHdmi, no addIMEI, no FixDisplay, no disablefxfirmware (replace with new whatevergreen/Lilu) - ig platform 0x3E9B0007 works good as Raduis said and should be use. (support by new whatevergreen/Lilu) - Some people say that you don't need injectIntel checked anymore as Whatevergreen do the job, but for my Mobo, I'm unable to boot without it. I use all of that with a display on the DP port of my Mobo since few weeks now, and it works really really well, all sleep work no kernel panic, no glitches even during progress bar a boot, BUT : The mapping of the frameBuffer isn't really good, as all my port in IOReg are in HDMI mode. (my screen is connected to DP ans words well....) So the UHD 630 need an other Framebuffer patch to change the port type on Mojave because it is on an other kext. I actually trying doing it, but without success for now. Will keep you in touch
  4. It is the Alc887, the strange thing is that even Voodoo is not able to make it working. It only activated me HDMI audio Output. Audio was working well with high Sierra but don't with Mojave. think I will wait a bit and use usb audio controller for the moment. thank's a lot for your help.
  5. Ok for aptiomemoryfix. For audio, u see the HDEF like in your video. the weird thing is that layout id appear as 7 in IORegistryExplorer but set at 1 in DSDT and config.plist Moreover there is no codec in dcpimanager Any idea? thanks for your work.
  6. Hi MaLd0n, Thank's a lot for your time. Here is the feedback. computer start well computer frees when restart/shutdow/sleep. there is no audio device recognize. do you think I should continue to use the osxaptiofixdrv/emuvariable instead of aptiomemoryfix? here is the new send me. Send me MacProPierre.zip
  7. Any idea for this motherboard? have an issue with audio too, not working, not seeing. I already try tried your video, for audio with no lock Moreover, is it possible to use Aptiomemory with this board? it wasn't few month ago on HighSierra and clover 4610 if I remember. and had to use OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi If you have a little time MaLd0n..
  8. Hi @MaLd0n Is it possible to patch my mobo please? I lost restart/sleep/shutdown and some other stuff since Mojave and the new BIOS vs. Mobo is Gigabyte H370M DS3H with 8400. I followed your instruction and send you the send me file. Thank's a lot!! Send me Pierres-iMac.zip
  9. Hi every one, here is how to play with framebuffer Issue is that all port of the motherboard are recognised as DisplayPort or HDMI. so you need to correct that. here is the scrennshot of the 3 patch to use.
  10. So when using DSDT, SSDT 3, SSDT 5, SSDT 7, my GT 740 is not working/not recognise.. Send me MacProPierre.zip
  11. Should I use just the DSDT and SSDT 7 or I use the 3, and 5 also? Thank you.
  12. Thanks a lot MaLd0n, After using your patched folder I still have some ACPI ISSUE essentially CNDP and sb.PCI0.RP02.PXSX.WIST I checked your video and try to resolve the PXSX issue by deleting one line one your SSDT but without success. The issue stil here. And the UHD still appear as firewire, don't know if that can be a problem. Last time you succeed to resolve this one (few weeks ago) so I checked this old file, and compare with the new one (the 3-A-M-L) and unable to solve this too. Can I ask you again some of your time to solving this? Thanks a lot, Send me MacProPierre.zip
  13. Ok so, it works really better, sleep, restart, shutdown working well. If I understand well, I can't use aptioMemoryFix yet and I need to stay with EmuVariable and OsxAptioFix. Any idea why? I notice that my Intel UHD 630 appear as firewire like few month ago, can you just change that? I also notice some ACPI error in kernel log, like CNDP, HDEF, PXSX, is it ok to let this? after those two things the mobo will be fully functional thanks a lot men! Send me MacProPierre.zip
  14. Thanks for your quick answer. It's magic, I can finally see all device in PCI. But there is some thing not working Sleep : not working, screen goes black, power style on and Mac is freez Shutdown : same as sleep Restart : long but working, can handle that. Audio, and PCI working well. To let you know, i''m using clover 4630 and just changed ig platform and intelgfx from your config.plist to match with my video. Hope you will be able to solved this, thanks! Send me MacProPierre.zip
  15. Hello MaLd0n I made an bios update which solve my issue when screen connected to DP But the previously patch you made doesn't work anymore. so have issue with sleep, shutdown, restart. Can you patch it for me please? PS : I need to use SCM enable for my DP screen, when disable nothing work. Thanks a lot. Send me MacProPierre.zip