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  1. Sorry but I can't send you mine need it to work. So fair enough I will wait, my mobo work better since you work on it. This is the last thing to resolve and an other where UHD 630 stay with black screen but need to do some research. (open to any idea btw) Thanks again
  2. Hello Mald0n Did you have time to resolve this issue with PCI not listing with 300 series? Don't want to bother you so maybe there is a thread to follow your progress? Thanks!
  3. Ok thank for the answer, I suppose you connect your screen to the DGPU, did you try to connect to the IGPU instead. I always have black screen on IGPU ...
  4. Hi @Gymnae, really help for me with an H370M DS3H, But just a question, are ou able tu use one screen on your dGPU and an other on the IGPU. I try to do that on my builds with UHD 630 (i8400) and a EVGA GT 740 but without success. thank you.
  5. Can I make donation to you instead of the site? (I already gave some to the site)
  6. You deserve some rest ;-) So I will keep an eye on it and on your work. Thanks again.
  7. OK so better and better.. Sleep/wake still working really well Shutdown now work well to (Can't believe I miss the ERP option in bios) Graphics UHD 630 appear as built which is nice But in PCI in system profiler there is still the same issue, unable to collect data... Do you thing you can help me to make the dual display possible (one screen on GT 740 and the other on the UHD 630) I would like to use the display port of the UHD 630 Whatever a BIG THANK YOU for your work your are brilliant!!! Send me Pierres-iMac.zip
  8. After test with the new aml (I delete the SSDT USB I add before) Sleep/wake works as before, like a charme. Shutdown always restart, even if I sleep/wake the computer before, so it is worst. Graphics : This time the UHD 630 appear on ethernet slot in system profiler. Note : I can see during the verbose of the boot that there is less acpi error, no more PXSX for exemple. Note 2 : there is the same error during collect data in PCI system profiler. I wil give an other donation because you work really hard for me Send me Pierres-iMac.zip
  9. Yes Sorry So I made several test and : Sleep/wake works like a charm, when I wake the build I recover USB and Audio. (I Using Voodoo actually). And I'm able to wake the computer with the the keyboard which was not the case before. so thank you for that. Shutdown not working well. When I just boot and shutdown, it always restart. (which was already the case before) The interesting thing is that when I boot, sleep and wake and shutdown, it works fine, the computer don't restart. I verify my BIOS setting, test with different option and no change, it restart after shutdown. Graphics : IGPU is well recognised, with 1536mo of memory, but I'm not able to do a dual display. 2 display work on the EVGA GT 740 but when trying to connect one screen to the IGPU it goes to BIOS, but on OS X it stay black (it was already the case before) don't know if you can help me on that. The strange thing is that in system profiler, the UHD 630 is now recognized as firewire slot... And the GT 740 doesn't appear in System profiler PCI, instead I have an error that say it is unable to collect data from PCI slot Note : I inject an SSDT-UIAC to activate only the real USB port used, I can see it works on IOreg but it has no effect on the shutdown issue
  10. Here it is Mald0n Thanks to working on it Send me Pierres-iMac.zip
  11. Hi Every one, Hi Mald0n Can you make files for me? Try by myself tu patch the SSDT but not enough knowledge I guess. Thanks for your hard work. Send me Pierres-iMac.zip