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  1. So when using DSDT, SSDT 3, SSDT 5, SSDT 7, my GT 740 is not working/not recognise.. Send me MacProPierre.zip
  2. Should I use just the DSDT and SSDT 7 or I use the 3, and 5 also? Thank you.
  3. Thanks a lot MaLd0n, After using your patched folder I still have some ACPI ISSUE essentially CNDP and sb.PCI0.RP02.PXSX.WIST I checked your video and try to resolve the PXSX issue by deleting one line one your SSDT but without success. The issue stil here. And the UHD still appear as firewire, don't know if that can be a problem. Last time you succeed to resolve this one (few weeks ago) so I checked this old file, and compare with the new one (the 3-A-M-L) and unable to solve this too. Can I ask you again some of your time to solving this? Thanks a lot, Send me MacProPierre.zip
  4. Ok so, it works really better, sleep, restart, shutdown working well. If I understand well, I can't use aptioMemoryFix yet and I need to stay with EmuVariable and OsxAptioFix. Any idea why? I notice that my Intel UHD 630 appear as firewire like few month ago, can you just change that? I also notice some ACPI error in kernel log, like CNDP, HDEF, PXSX, is it ok to let this? after those two things the mobo will be fully functional thanks a lot men! Send me MacProPierre.zip
  5. Thanks for your quick answer. It's magic, I can finally see all device in PCI. But there is some thing not working Sleep : not working, screen goes black, power style on and Mac is freez Shutdown : same as sleep Restart : long but working, can handle that. Audio, and PCI working well. To let you know, i''m using clover 4630 and just changed ig platform and intelgfx from your config.plist to match with my video. Hope you will be able to solved this, thanks! Send me MacProPierre.zip
  6. Hello MaLd0n I made an bios update which solve my issue when screen connected to DP But the previously patch you made doesn't work anymore. so have issue with sleep, shutdown, restart. Can you patch it for me please? PS : I need to use SCM enable for my DP screen, when disable nothing work. Thanks a lot. Send me MacProPierre.zip
  7. I success by playing with the frame buffer I had to change some port with patches, but thank you for your help.
  8. Hi MaLd0n do you want to give another shot to my Mobo? Don't know if you are able to resolve PCI listing issue on 300 series yet (gigabyte H370m DS3H) Here is the send me with the last clover file you sent me Regards, Send me MacBook-Pro-de-Pierre-3.zip
  9. Sorry but I can't send you mine need it to work. So fair enough I will wait, my mobo work better since you work on it. This is the last thing to resolve and an other where UHD 630 stay with black screen but need to do some research. (open to any idea btw) Thanks again
  10. Hello Mald0n Did you have time to resolve this issue with PCI not listing with 300 series? Don't want to bother you so maybe there is a thread to follow your progress? Thanks!
  11. Ok thank for the answer, I suppose you connect your screen to the DGPU, did you try to connect to the IGPU instead. I always have black screen on IGPU ...
  12. Hi @Gymnae, really help for me with an H370M DS3H, But just a question, are ou able tu use one screen on your dGPU and an other on the IGPU. I try to do that on my builds with UHD 630 (i8400) and a EVGA GT 740 but without success. thank you.
  13. Can I make donation to you instead of the site? (I already gave some to the site)
  14. You deserve some rest ;-) So I will keep an eye on it and on your work. Thanks again.