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  1. Hi! Here i have an Asus P5Q with a flashed HD6850. It took a while to make the DSDT working looks like a real mac. Now the *only* problem is the wake up. The bootloader is clover. With no flags for the graphx card. After sleep i get a black screen. Tested Whatevergreen, but the result looks like the attachment. And, it is blinking. The same effect comes with the clover RadeonDeInit option. Any ideas? Thanks! UPDATE: OMG! Okay, got it fixed. It was a wrong BIOS setting. The right flag is "No".

    EFI Mounter





    Hi! For the next screenshot, try: Apple + Shift + 4, move the mouse over the window and press Space. Greets.
  5. Hi! And, happy xmas! I got an AR9227 and it works for 10.10 and 10.11 with the known patches for i.e. country code and location. With 10.12 i am lost. No working wifi. Are there any solutions/patches for that? Thanks and greets.

    FileVault 2

    Hi! First of all: A big step in the right direction and many thanks for that! I tried fv2 and clover on desktop. Works. Impressive!! Now to the important part: Most people need security on mobile devices (no, not the phones u maybe thinking of). These have mostly ps2-keyboards/touchpads... Please make this work! Thanx! + See u @ 34C3! Greets. PS: I've read a little bit more. It seems the prob is to get the keyaggregator to work with ps2. But, we have a working usb and ps2 support. Why not "bridging" ps2 to usb? I think that is easier to code than a completely new ps2 driver...

    Thinkpad T510 - Audio Issue (CX20585)

    Not a different codec. Different pin-config and different layout-mapping...
  8. Hi! It seems to be a wrong codec mapping. Greets.

    New Clover 2.4 4012+ Issue

    I only get this error when booting with the -f parameter. Greets.
  10. DADAAA

    SMBIOS for Core2 Quad Q9550?

    Hi, rico! Funny and interesting: 2 fresh installs and tryouts later, you're absolutely right. Hmmm, okay, lazy coders or apple's way to tell you, buy new hardware... o_O Greets. PS: System-Updates don't, but App-Updates worx...
  11. DADAAA

    SMBIOS for Core2 Quad Q9550?

    Hi! Okay, i'll check this here...
  12. DADAAA

    SMBIOS for Core2 Quad Q9550?

    Hi! I came from El Capitan with SMBIOS MacPro3,1 on a P5Q (Core2Duo SSE4.1) and it works like a dream. With Sierra and the SMBIOS iMac14,2 it works, but i lost the cpu-powermanagement. So, i edit the plattform.plist and got Sierra working as a MacPro3,1, like with El Capitan before. Greets.
  13. Hi, community! First: OMG!! WTF?? THAT was the prob? After a loooong time of reading, thinking and tryouts, i've got a nearly perfect running T510 with 1st gen intel graphics. 10.9, 10.10, 10.11. Next is: 10.12. After all the work my DSDT got a private final status. For better understanding: No clover buildin acpi-patches applied! But, when making a sleep/wakeup -> I lost the (external) usb-ports and after wake up the power button was still in sleep. So, i thought that has nothing to do with the DSDT and the applied patches, that must be something different. Maybe, the chipset. Touchdown! Long story, short: Use an AppleACPIPlatform.kext of your choice as long it works with your T410/T510. There are many, try them out. Currently i am using a V1.5 without probs. After all big thanks fly to: - joshhh and codinger and of course all the others... - the community - the tools-creators - patches-creators - the ones who's sharing knowledge Without all that, this machine will had a useless being... Greets, have fun! PS: Next stop -> Convert the working (10.8.5) audio kext in a Lilu-AppleHDA-compatible format with working internal mic! PPS: The patched to Sonnet USB3-Expresscard works like a charm... PPPS: It's a shame, mavericks maps app works with this intel graphics, above, you're lost. :/ UPDATE-1: Yeah, AppleACPIPlatform V1.5 is unable to handle the mac serial number for newer oses (YO and above). So, no apple--nice-to-use--apps will work. AppleACPIPlatform V1.6 has not the serial number problem, but (!) makes probs with usb after sleep... UPDATE-2: The rollback AppleACPIPlatform.kext does not work with 10.11+ due to the prob the kernel doesn't like their compiled-headers (too old). So, for this HW is the last "working" OS Yosemite (with many tricks). Maybe, i find a solution for the not functional ext usb2 ports after sleep... USB3-Expresscard worx after sleep. Currently, have not played with the AppleACPIPlatform V1.8 (from ML). UPDATE-3: Have the »CX20585 for Lenovo« codec working. ML, YO, EC. Ext mic/internal mic auto switch, noise reduction etc. pp. Not 100%, but a big step in the right direction. Résumé: This hardware seems to be too old for current AppleACPIPlatform. :/
  14. DADAAA

    (1st Gen) Intel HD Graphics Kexts

    Today's security-update for El Capitan 10.11.6 brings new Intel HD Graphics Kexts...
  15. DADAAA


    Hi! I want to change from chameleon to enoch completly. I tried to install mountain lion via enoch. It fails because parts from system are too new... ??!!?? Any hint? Have a nice day!